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I’m The Girl Who Has Been Screwed Over, But I’m Capable To Love

Written by Peggysue

One man destroyed me, I was in love with him, and it’s really hard to believe in love again. You need to understand me, I’m that girl who has been screwed over.


You need to know that I’m not going to trust you at first, no matter what you do. Because it’s about me, not about you.


Everything I have been through made me skeptical. I am just one big pessimist.


On the beginning, I’m not going into detail about my life. I’m not going to tell you about my childhood, my darkest fear, or something like that.


And please don’t try to move too fast. I just need time to be sure that I’m not going to make another mistake in love.


Don’t be angry or mad, because I’m always going to have a backup plan. I’m not excepting that our relationship is going to fail, I’m just prepared for the possibility.


You need to know that I’m going to have moments of insecurity. I will be asking myself did I deserve all love that you are giving to me.


And remember I don’t need typical romantic shit. You don’t need to buy me a bouquet of flowers or big chocolate.

More important is to keep promises that you gave to me. You need to be by my side.


The most important thing is that I’m not going to enter into an official relationship until I am completely sure about you.


Please don’t let me go, don’t screw me again. I promise I’m capable to love and feel love again. Just be patient with me.

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