A lot of people suffer from depression, and to be honest the last thing they want to hear from someone is advice.


Just know they hear everything, and they are still depressed. You don’t mean anything bad, but just keep your advice for yourself, don’t tell them what to do.


They are some of the advice that they are hearing every day, wherever they go.
So if you want to tell them some of this advice , just don’t.


  1. Maybe you need to try to eat healthily?



  1. Meditation is definitely going to help you.



  1. Try with chamomile tea, it always helps me when I’m in bad mood?!



  1. Have you tried exercising?



  1. You just need to pretend that you’re happy.



  1. Maybe you should stay off social media?



  1. Try something new, go on a vacation, maybe it will help?



  1. Try to spend more time outside, on fresh air, it will definitely help you.



  1. Find new friends?



  1. Try to forget that you are in a depression, just be happy, and live like everyone else?


There is more advice like this, so if you want to help them, just act normal, don’t try to fix them, and stop giving them advices, they don’t want to hear any of them.