“You know what’s out there…the world. You’re gonna learn from it every day. You’re gonna make mistakes. You’re gonna make good friends…But when you are not a little boy anymore, when the world taught you how to be this man, you’re still gonna make mistakes. But your family and your friends you made along the way will help you. Even though it seems like the world has gone out of its way to teach you these tough lessons, it’s the same world that has given you those friends and family. And you’ll come to believe that the world will protect you too.” -Boy Meets World 

Almost all of us had moments in their life when they were drunk honesty. Where alcohol put all yours wall to come down. You broke down. Your tears make your makeup running black and long down your face.

And the only thing you want are arms that will hold you.

When you are the weakest you only want a person who will be there for you. It’s okay to not be okay. You’ve been strong for too long. You’ve kept it together way too long.

The people who matter come forward and save you at your worst.

In those times I don’t accept myself. But you accept me and love me even then. Thank you for loving me at my worst.

You don’t let me. You remind me who I am at my best.

And you want better for me. Helped me to learn. Walked with me. Thank you for helping me to become better.

I struggle to walk a straight line when I’m at my worst. And you guide me in the right direction. Thank you.

You told me that I’m better than what broke me. Thank you.

You don’t define me by my mistakes. And you forgive me.

Thank you for reminding me to try again. For being on my side. For being there for me.

Thank you for being my friend.