If you have anxiety and are trying to get into a relationship or just an active sex life, you’ve probably dealt with a lot of difficulties that many people with anxiety struggle through.


Anxiety causes fear or worry that can make you less aware of your true needs in a given moment.


Someone who tends to be anxious may have trouble expressing his or her true feelings.
If you don’t express what you truly feel or need, anxiety becomes stronger.


Anxiety brings a lot of worry and fear, and other things that can ruin your relationship. Here are some of the thoughts that might be running through your head about your partner and your relationship:


  1. Maybe he/she doesn’t love as much as I love him/her?


  1. What if he/she cheat on me?


  1. Probably he/she is lying to me all the time?


  1. What if we break up?


  1. Maybe he/she likes someone else better?


  1. Maybe he/she wants to leave me?


  1. He/she is going to break up me with because of my anxiety?


  1. What if my anxiety ruins everything?


  1. Maybe he/she wants something different?


  1. What if I’m not good enough for him/her?


It’s always a good thing to identify a problem since once you know what’s up, you have a shot at changing things.

But you need to know that your partner is there for you, and anxiety is just messing with you. Don’t let her win. You are stronger than that damn anxiety.

Find some help. Talk with your partner, they are going to understand you, and the will be there for you.