10 Things Women Need When They Deal With PMS

Written by Chloe M.

1. Bed 

Every girl needs her bed. With PMS comes body pain and lethargy. Sleeping is the best thing for my body right now. With all my hormones going crazy, I need to rest. Give me a break, share some of the load. Waking up in the morning is as tough for me as it is for you

2. Chocolate

Just buy me a big chocolate and I’ll be fine, and more snacks. When I’m on my period, I eat ridiculous amounts of food. I don’t care. I’ll eat two plates of pasta, a whole pizza, your firstborn child, whatever is available.

3. Attention

Every girl in the PMS does not know what she wants. She wants so much attention, and she will not. Never know.

4. Talk to your pet

I was PMSing and yelled at my cat for being annoying and then I started crying because I thought I hurt her feelings.

5. Crying

PMSing makes us emotional. We tend to cry at the slightest provocation. Instead of freaking out at what could have possibly gone wrong, just be calm and comfort us. Also, avoid giving us any kind of advice. We have been having our periods since we were 12 (more or less), we are pros at it.

6. Wish you weren’t a girl.

7. Everybody is annoying, no matter what they do, or say.

8. My clothes don’t fit, but I’m awesome

With all the body ache, comes the sensation of bloating. Yes, my clothes feel tighter and sometimes I may not feel as pretty as I normally do. But know that I’m still the best woman out there — after all my gorgeous body is preparing to shed the inner lining of my uterus — and I can handle that — month after month. Check. Mate

9. Mobile – to talk with her friends.

10. Stop being stupid

Yes, we are more irritable during that time (not all of us though — there are exceptions), but that does not mean that it becomes a part of our personality. We are uncomfortable and in pain. So you being stupid, testing our patience, and even cracking lame jokes is not going to make the situation any better.

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