I woke up this morning and I saw your name on my phone, you texted me. At first, I was confused because I didn’t understand why. Then I remembered I saw you last night, and you saw me. I know how you did look at me.

You are still the most beautiful.“

I was happy last night, and I am happy now. You texted me, you still miss me like I miss you. I texted you back. And we keep going texting each other, all day.

All day I kept remembering all stuff we went through. I remembered the way you were kissing me, the way you were hugging me. The way you loved me.

I have been feeling like I was feeling before when I was with you. I was happy.

Your words were beautiful, I had felt like we are going to be together again. I thought you realized that you can love just me and that you are happy just with me. I thought that we are going to handle everything.

Next evening you have called me. You wanted to go out with me. Your voice was weird, but I just thought you are happy and excited like I am.

I was ready like in five minutes, I was so excited because of being with you again.

When I sat in your car, I died for a minute. You were there. You came just for me. We were talking and laughing, I was happy. I realized that you are drunk just a little bit, but I didn’t care about that very much.

You were driving, and just stopped. We were out of the town. It was dark and there wasn’t anybody around us. You started kissing me, and in next moment we were naked in your car. It was like a dream.

But you stopped that dream, you ruined that dream, again.

You killed me again, and I allowed you to.

I was really thinking that you are back because you have missed me, but that was a lie.

You used me, again.

You just wanted my body.

You were drunk and I was naive.

You killed me again.

You went, and I was alone.

Dead for the second time, all thanks to you.