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I Was In Toxic Relationship, And I’m Happy Again

Written by Chloe M.

When you’re in love, you’re trying hard to make you better half happy, you keep trying just to see them smile, you give them everything.

But when you’re in love it’s really hard to see when someone you love is using you when they manipulate with you and abuse you, you are just blind to all these things. Because you start to think that is love, that is their way to love.

I’ve gone through all that. I was abused by someone whom I would give my life, and more.

He never hit me, but he abuses me psychically. Somewhere deep inside I knew it, but I always found some excuse for him.

We were always fighting over stupid things. And he was always right, and I was wrong. Whatever I did it wasn’t good, it wasn’t enough.

But our relationship wasn’t always physically threatening, sometimes I was feeling frightened to share my opinion because I was afraid of his reaction.

Instead of feeling happy, I was always mentally, emotionally, and physically drained.

But I couldn’t go. I couldn’t leave you. Because you made me feel like there is no life for me without you. You make me believe that I’m nothing and that I could be happy just with you.

You take me all and give me nothing. You have never trust me, you always were jealous, and to be honest, our relationship was just one big drama, where I was in tears, and you were happy.

You make me to slowly accept what was once not acceptable.

I was drowning in your negative energy. Your passive aggressive games have been killing me.

But now I see everything. You killed me, but now I am fine without you, and without that toxic relationship.

So for you who read this, if you found yourself in anything of these things, just know that toxic relationship can cost you dearly time and energy that you could be putting to much better use.

Stay true to your values and yourself, listen to your heart and be strong.
You are good just the way you are, so is all that shit really worth it? Leave that toxic relationship, be happy, and love yourself again.

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Chloe M.