When You Meet A Good Guy You Realize How Negatively Your Past Relationship Affected You

Written by Chloe M.

You don’t realize how emotional abuse impacts you when you are in a toxic relationship. You predict all things that happen. Because you know what is going to happen. You know you will miss him if you leave. You know that you will miss all those emotions connected with him. Screaming and shouting when you are fighting are the things you become okay with, just because you want to make up everything.

But you finally made a move. You broke up with him and then you become afraid of everything. Because of him. You push people away because they are kind to you. Because you aren’t used to be treated so well.

And then you realize how negatively your past relationship affected you.

You meet a good guy and you can’t believe that someone can treat you so well.

You don’t trust anyone after a toxic relationship and you expect the worst from everyone. And you enter every relationship expecting the worst.

You think everyone doesn’t mean what they say. So you overthink everything. Because of one person, you don’t believe people can be honest.

You think that he’s good to be true because he treats you so well. You are expecting him to lose, that he will leave you. But he proves you that he won’t. He gives you no reason to question him.

But you fear something good and you push him away. Because you don’t want to get hurt. And you think it is better to ruin it first.

But when you run he will chase you. He will grab you close and won’t let you leave.

You expect fights but instead, everything gets talked out and explained. You realize that you don’t leave the second something goes wrong.

A good guy will teach you that you deserve the best. He will do his best to make you feel okay. He will choose to be the exception for you. To never question yourself.

He made your life better, but you are scared to love again. Know that you are beautiful, sensitive, compassionate, and you finally find the good guy, so don’t miss the chance. It’s your turn to never give up on him. This is what you deserve.

Get comfortable and accept this relationship. Try hard. Compete. Prove yourself. Trust him.

All of the things that happened to you made you stronger, made you beautiful. And the right person will appreciate you for being you.

You learn what love really is.

Love isn’t supposed to hurt you. To break your heart. To make you jealous.

All of that in your past relationship wasn’t love. It was control.

You fearlessly love again. Love heals you. And that is what this guy has done.


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Chloe M.