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A Girl With An Anxious Mind Loves Differently

Written by Chloe M.

A girl with an anxious mind will love till the end. She will show you why your existence matters.


    She passed through a lot. What went wrong and what went right are replaying in her head over and over again.

    Towards love, she is anxious. She is complicated but she is worth it.

    She will appreciate you.

    Having a loving heart puts her in a position where she loved without being loved in return. It goes a long way just a bit appreciation for what she does. She is grateful for you and for showing her you care.

    She over thinks everything.

    For her, everything needs to go perfectly because she doesn’t want you to see her weak. She will stay strong, but she needs assurance to calm her. Love calms her.

    She will challenge you.

    Stubborn and sassy are words that describe her. She will make you question things.

    She will hold you tightly.

    What she loves is what she is ready to fights for. Her mind tells her to love hard. In every situation, she is looking for the best.

    She is passionate and she compassionate to you.

    Her mind is driven by what fuels her when she loves. She writes, travels, dances, and does anything that makes her feel more herself. Your needs will be understood.

    She will be your best friend.

    When you just want to lay on the couch and watch your favorite movie, she will be there. She will try to always keep you smiling and she will do everything to make you feel okay.  Conversation with her never dies because she wants to talk about your favorite books, video games or your favorite songs and everything. And you can tell her everything because she understands and she will always be there.

    She will inspire you.

    She will help you do and become everything you want. Your support, your love, and your rock she will be. She will celebrate with you every step you make.

    She will work hard to build a life with you.

    You will catch her working hard every day towards our future. Her mind gets consumed in always doing what she can to better herself.

    She needs you to love her.

    Her mind will tell her she isn’t good enough. When she enters relationship she needs assurance that you will be there for her, that you care, that she means to you. She needs you to see her for who she is and to love her regardless.

    A girl with an anxious mind will love you for eternity, differently.

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    Chloe M.