When we are in love, we are trying hard to make our better half happy. We are doing all that crazy things just to see them smiling. We want to spend all day with them, so here are a few tips on how to spend days with your love:

1. Go on a vacation- That vacation you always talked about going on, just the two of you – just go.

2. Go to a dinner, make breakfast in a bad- Fuck diets and “healthy eating, just go somewhere and eat what you want

3. Get drunk together- Just get drunk and do all that crazy thing together

4.Have a lot more sex than you have- Try all those crazy, kinky things you’ve always wanted to try

5. Spend all day just giving full attention to your man/girl- give them all of your attention and not look at your phone all day, just be really, really nice to them, like it’s their birthday

7. Do crazy things all day- Day full of cliff diving, hang gliding, bungee jumping, and driving as fast as you possibly can down the Parkway

8. Do something super romantic- Write them a love letter, bring them breakfast in the bed, give them unforgettable massage

9. Be lazy all day- Watch tv all day, eat pizza, kiss all the time, cuddle, and kiss again

10. Tell them ‘I love you’ hundred times- Just keep telling them that you love them all day