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You Weren’t Just My Friend, You Were Something More

Written by Peggysue

Sometimes he would reach over and grab mine hand. He would hug you like he’s afraid of losing you.


He would text you about how wonderful time he had with you, and how much he missed you and how he couldn’t wait to see you again.


But the truth is that he was never watching you like his girlfriend. For him, you were just a friend, but for you, he was something more.


You couldn’t understand how he could be so nice, and gentle, and kind, but always looking you as a friend, nothing more.


He tricked you. You believed that he liked you as much as you liked him. All that things you see now, but it’s a too late. You fall for him. You fall in love with him.


After he left, you were wounded. Even if he wasn’t your boyfriend, you felt broken.


You couldn’t understand how was easy for him to leave. You weren’t expecting him to walk away so soon.


Losing him hurt, because of everything you two had. You shared your deepest secrets with him.


You stayed up late just to talk with him, or text with him, or talk in his car, or anywhere else.


Losing him hurt so much because he was a good friend to you. Because you thought there will be something more.


Losing him hurt every day more and more, because you had hard feelings for him, even though he wasn’t your boyfriend.


And you really thought he felt the same.

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