It means more than being physically with one person.

Being faithful means ending any flirting. You should make clear that you are not interested in any other person that is attracted to you. It means telling someone that you’re in a relationship.

It means that you don’t need any dating apps. That you don’t need any backup plans.

It means that you never dream cheating on the person that you’re dating. Because you’re happy with your person.

It means that you say the truth to your person.

It means telling that you’re in a relationship. That you are taken already.

It means that you know what your person is okay with, what is their crossing line.

It means you are allowed to have friends of every gender. You are allowed to text with anyone. You are allowed to like someone’s picture.

But if you’re hiding your conversation with somebody, if you lie about who are you going out with, because you know they would get upset, then something is wrong.

Then you are coming close to cheating, even if it isn’t technically cheating.

You are coming close enough to hurt your person.

Being faithful means more than never letting another person into your bed.

Being faithful means never letting another person in your heart.

Being faithful means deciding that you love only one person.

That you have decided you want to spend the rest of your life with your person.

That you won’t do anything to mess it up.