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A Strong Woman Walks Away As Soon As She Feels Unwanted

Written by Chloe M.

You started dating a guy who likes you, you fell in love and you already think that you are going to get married. Guy changes name, picks up on that with his anti-love radar and flees the country. You are hoping he’s gay so you don’t have to face the fact that he just doesn’t like you.


    This is a slight exaggeration.

    In dating game, there are times where feels like the moment you let your guard down is the moment they stop calling.

    It’s easy to get frustrated in these moments. You are willing to call bastard and tell him that he is stupid because he is leaving all those awesome moments you had on your date. You shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t even send him a message.

    It is discouraging for a woman to waste her time pining for guys who aren’t worth pining over.
    You should spend that time better.

    Signs are there and they told you to run.

    Stop making mistakes. Stop holding on guys who aren’t good enough to make you happiest woman.
    There are many guys who will be romantics. Who won’t make you look like a bastard.
    You shouldn’t get wrapped up in a guy who is not interested.

    Strong women leave the moment they start feeling unwanted. They don’t beg.

    These are signs when that moment comes:

    • He is skipping your date

      A guy who wants to see you will make an effort to do so. If he starts making excuses or stops following through with plans, you should start looking for new options.

    • He acts like he doesn’t care

      Men are very easy to read. So you just have to accept the thing that he doesn’t like you.

    It’s rare moment where a guy chased down a girl who walked away. That’s happening just in movies.

    But, you need a guy who doesn’t need to lose you to learn that he likes you.

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    Chloe M.