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Sleeping With Your Soulmate

Written by Peggysue

Maybe you are a lucky one, and already you are sleeping with your soulmate. We need to admit that sex with a stranger can be fun, but sex with the love of your life is something different. Here are a few signs that you already found your better half.



  1. Their kisses against your lips turn you on as much as their kisses against your thighs.


  1. You get horny over small things, like when they give you forehead kiss


  1. You make eye contact, and it’s not looking awkward


  1. They know what you like, so you don’t need to tell them what to do next


  1. You are feeling comfortable with them, so there is no shame when lights are on


  1. You don’t need to force anything. Sex happens naturally.


  1. You don’t need to watch porn anymore, you masturbate to thought of them


  1. You have already had sex in every room of the house


  1. You try different poses, and really, really enjoy when you find the perfect one


  1. When you’re out in public, sometimes you find a way to sneak away together


  1. Sex in the car is just adorable


  1. They say that they love you in the middle of sex


  1. You have gentle, tender sex, as often as you have rough sex


  1. They are giving their best to make you happy


  1. You can’t imagine sleeping with anyone else, ever again


  1. You are not embarrassed to tell when you feel uncomfortable


  1. You just adore how they look when they’re naked


  1. They go down on you. Frequently


  1. When you are in bad mood, they understand and do everything to cheer you up


  1. Sometimes you call it making love, instead of fucking

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