The Sarcastic Girls Are Secretly The Sweetest Girls

Written by Chloe M.

You might look at sarcastic girls like the girls who are heartless, cold or cruel. You might think that they don’t care about anything or anyone.

But the truth is far away from that.

Sarcastic girls care too much actually. They have a hard time letting go when something bothers them. They think a lot. Maybe they don’t verbalize their pain. But it can make tearing them apart.

Nobody notices that. Because you think that they are fine. That they can handle with everything.

Sarcastic girls have paper thin hearts, even if they look like the strongest girls. They have trouble having a serious conversation about something that is bothering them. And they turn everything into a joke.

Maybe you think that they are handling things well, but the truth is sarcastic girls are secretly suffering. She will tell you an entertaining story about how her pet died, how she broke up with her boyfriend, and no one will notice how painful is that to her actually. Because sarcastic girls laugh to themselves. But when most people talk about their problems, they break down in tears.

Some things aren’t jokes. Sarcastic girls hide their emotions in between their sentences.

There is a layer of seriousness behind their jokes.

A part of their jokes is what they feel. A part of jokes is reaching out for help.

They mastered the charade of putting on a smile and laughing off their pain, and that’s why everyone thinks that sarcastic girls are perfectly fine.

Sarcastic girls need someone who will see them through their actions. Someone who will be there for them. They need someone who will realize how broken they really are. They need someone who will tell them that everything is going to be okay.

Sarcastic girls need help. They are strong enough to get through their worst, but they aren’t supposed to be alone.

Sarcastic girls might call you an asshole or a bitch, they might jokingly say that you’re stupid, but that’s the way they express their love for you. It’s hard for them to be vulnerable.
They might not look like it, but sarcastic girls are the sweetest people you will meet.

They express their emotions through sarcasm. They show affection through their jokes.

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Chloe M.