Some People Make Moving On Easier

Written by Chloe M.

It’s easier to move on when the person you want to forget has forgotten you.


    When a person you’re missing isn’t trying to make sure you’re okay it gets easier.

    With every unanswered text, it gets easier.

    You can feel the distance.
    And the silence.
    Their presence makes you sad, instead of happy.

    When they keep choosing everyone else over you it gets easier.
    When they give attention to another person it gets easier.

    When you realize they never care about your love. That they were looking for someone else. That they were finding a reason to escape. It gets easier.

    Moving on is hard. But this forces you to move on.

    Maybe you think that this person is perfect, but when you realize that person is not right for you, moving on gets easier.

    You are full of love to give, but to the person who will receive that love.
    To the person who will appreciate your love.

    When you realize that the person you wanted is not the one who will make you happy, it gets easier.

    Relationships teach us about ourselves and moving on teaches us our worth and what we should settle for.

    When you know your value, you will be able to walk away from any person that doesn’t make you happy and you won’t look back.

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    Chloe M.