I didn’t ask for you to enter my life. You just came from nowhere. I was there just chilling with my friends then you came.


To be honest, I have never seen you before that day, and I still don’t understand how is that possible. Because I was hanging out there for a couple of years, and never have seen you.


Nothing special, I thought. You flirted, I flirted back. And that was it. Couple days nothing, then you came back.


Again the same story, you flirted, I flirted back. We were hanging for a couple of days. I still remember the way you were kissing.


You initiated everything. I didn’t realize what I was getting into.


You didn’t want me, you wanted me as a woman. You wanted just my body, and nothing else. Now I see how stupid I was.


I couldn’t realize what was happening at that time. I thought you were in love with me, but now I see everything.


You made me feel like crazy one. I was waiting around as you canceled plans, like a fool. Because you made me question every move and feel suddenly insecure.


I never felt like I am good enough, because of you. I lose myself.
You destroyed, but because of you, I learn some things.


You taught me to never let someone treat me that way again. Taught me to never settle for assholes like you.


Thank you for all of that, but you used me, and I will never forgive you that.