How You Make Your Life Harder

Written by Chloe M.
  1. You are taking things personally.
    If your friend didn’t text you back, or your co-worker went to lunch without you. You ascribe intent to the unintentional actions of others. You took it as a personal affront. You assigned bad intent to these innocuous actions.Happy people don’t do this.
  2. You are at the center of every experience you have ever had.
    You believe that the world revolves around you. You’re the star of your own movie. You want to do it all alone. You want to live the life exactly like you imagine.
    You don’t give anyone else chance to be in your movie. People are unaware what they are supposed to play. They screw up their lines, don’t give you a promotion and your movie is ruined.You should let people in your movie. Welcome new characters.
  3. You have a habit of fast forwarding everything.
    You are thinking of worst outcome constantly. You are surprised when the result is way better than which you have imagined. You think that your sore throat is cancer. You think that you will be killed by evil if you walk alone at night. Negativity breed more negativity.
  4.  You have unrealistic expectations.
    Nobody can’t read your mind. You have to tell what do you want.
    If someone doesn’t do what you want, that is happening because you haven’t said what do you want.
    Your unmet expectations are the reasons for unhappiness.You should minimize your expectations.
  5.  You are waiting for a sign from God.

    You don’t make a decision without a sign.
    Nobody is saying that fate or higher power plays a role in our lives, but it is better to help shape fate than being governed by it.

  6. You don’t take risks.
    You play on safe. You don’t take the risk if you are offered a choice. You just don’t want to lose.
  7. You compare your life to others.
    You always compare something yours to others. You think that somebody is happier than you are. Like John has more money, Ted is better looking, Craig is luckier than me…
    Don’t do that to yourself. You should be proud of yourself. You should be satisfied by your life.
  8. You won’t let go.
    Real happiness is not possible without loss. It helps us appreciate the things that matter.
    Sometimes you have to work at happiness. Some things are difficult, but you have to do that for yourself.
    Sometimes you have to forgive. Sometimes you need to move on from a failed relationship.
    You have to try to manage your loss. You will have regrets and doubts. But you should try.
    You aren’t alone. You just have to find your best support.
  9. You don’t give back. You need to get involved in life. You should immerse yourself with a loss by doing good.
    Say a kind word. Encourage someone. Just get away from your self-absorption.Live your own life. And be happy.

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