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You Killed Me, But I’m Still Alive.

Written by Peggysue

I hope that one day you will read this because everything I couldn’t tell you is there.


When you left I was broken. You broke my heart, you broke me actually. I couldn’t find a reason to live. I wanted to die.


Days passed, but I didn’t feel better. I was hoping that you will find your way back to me.


I am still hoping.


I couldn’t eat, sleep, breathe, I couldn’t live without you. Damn, you killed me.


I didn’t leave my room few days, I didn’t leave my house few months. When I felt better, I went out with my friends.


And then I saw you. I died in that moment. The whole world stopped, just you were there.


I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk, I just stayed there. But you didn’t even look at me. I was dead. You killed me again.


Then I locked myself in room, I wasn’t ready to see you again. I didn’t want to see you, ever.


It’s been a few months since I got out again. I was avoiding places where I could see you. I still do.


I’m not feeling better. It still hurts when someone mentions you. It still hurts when people ask me about you. You still hurt me. But I keep living. On my way, without you.


This is not life, I don’t like this, but I need to live.


One day, I will be better, I will pass by you and not feel anything, at least I hope.


You killed me, but I’m still alive.

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