If You Are Ignoring Me I Won’t Keep Texting You

Written by Chloe M.

I’m not afraid to make the first move. I’m not afraid to send the first text. I’m not afraid to start a conversation.


    I don’t mind if I have to ask you how you’re doing. I’ve done it before.

    But just know that I won’t keep texting you if you are ignoring me.

    If you are waiting five hours, or five days to answer my message I won’t send you messages.

    You are telling me that talking to me isn’t your priority or you have better things to do and answer more interesting messages than mine.

    I’m done with waiting for your answer. I’m done with overthinking what I said wrong the last time we texted. I’m done with finding an excuse for you to not answer my message.

    If you don’t want to talk with me, I won’t bother you. I won’t take my time to type out the perfect message for you.

    If you stay silent there is no point in contacting you. Or even worse, if we are saying same things that we said yesterday and the day before that.

    I wanted to have a conversation with you, that’s because I texted you. I wanted to be a part of your life. I wanted to see your name on screen and smile.

    But that is not going to happen. So, I’m giving up.

    I’m not going to chase after you. I won’t bother you. I won’t ever send you a message.

    I’ve messaged you plenty before.

    Now it’s your turn. If you want me in your life you have to show me.

    I guess it won’t happen. I should have realized you didn’t care.

    If you actually care about me, this won’t be one-sided. You wouldn’t have kept me waiting. You wouldn’t make me this upset.

    If you can’t answer my text, I won’t waste my time on you.

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    Chloe M.