I hate that feeling when I am waiting for your response. I hate when I spent all day staring at the phone, just waiting for your name to appear in my messages.


I am killing myself with thoughts, why you are not responding? Where are you? Are you busy with work? Or you find another girl who is more interesting than me? All that thoughts are killing me.


I hate reading old messages just to find did I say something wrong. I hate wondering if I should have said something different. If I should have sent a shorter text or longer one.


I hate that feeling when I can’t take you out of my head because I’m feeling that I’m not even on your mind.


I hate that I care so much about a stupid text. I hate how getting a message from you can turn my mood, if I’m sad, I will be happy.


I hate feeling this all time. It’s one message, one call, and I’m waiting for it like my life depends on it. But you don’t care.


All day phone is in my hands, and I hate it. I hate it because you don’t care.

I hate being unable to focus on the movie I’m watching or the other people in the room with me because the back of my mind is thinking about how you still haven’t texted me back.


I hate that I care more than you do. I hate it because you mean more to me than I mean to you.