1. Scorpio

Scorpios are the craziest exes.  They are the type to call you 15 times in one night. They would cry in front of your house. They are dangerous because they mask their darkness with humor. They are watching you after a breakup, they are watching intently as you move on from them. And even if you haven’t heard from your Scorpio ex, they are still thinking of you, and they are still angry with you.

2. Leo

Breakups bruise Leos egos and that is why they are crazy exes. The idea that you don’t want them anymore is so upsetting to them. They are not bad, but when they love someone and lose them they are in so much pain. They end up lashing out at you in ways they don’t really want. You will be hearing a lot from your Leo exes.

3. Gemini

After breakup, they are just so up in their feelings that they don’t know what to do with themselves. They don’t want to go at life alone. They are crazy exes because they are polarizing. At a minute they still love you, the next they are okay to be friends with you, the next they will send you a text in which they are saying how mad are they at you and all explanations that make sense that you made mistake.


The reason why Virgos are the crazy ex is that they are the ones who will send you a message in which they lash out at you. Without any reason. They are overthinkers, so that message is just something they’ve thought about for the weeks. They are chill about how everything fell down, but they have those paranoid and explosive tendencies.

5. Pisces

They are the most dramatic people, especially when they are dumped. Pisces are emo exes. They will send you poetry about your love, maybe at 3 a.m. Pain is their inspiration. Pisces become an artist when you broke them.

6. Cancer

Cancers are the most emotional sign of the zodiac, they are connected with the relationship, loyalty, and partnership. They have the hardest time with losing love, but they are good at rebounding with themselves. Cancers are in the middle of the chill to crazy. They know that there are other people in the world, and they’ll be able to not regret the person they left too much.


They become angry when their relationship ends. They aren’t going to lash out at you, but they also aren’t going to just sit back and take it. They channel their energy into making themselves better. They want to feel in control again. They will move on soon, but they will come to see you as slightly beneath enlightened selves.

8. Libra

Libras know that they can find love again. But as they are romantics they are really sad after a breakup. They won’t let you see how much they are still obsessing over you. They move on quickly or just make it seem like they are moving quickly. The illusion of rebounding fast actually works for them.


When Aquarius break up with you, they don’t feel it as others. They can be broken, but they won’t show that like other people do. They channel their energy in other projects, so they don’t express their feeling how hurt they really are.


They are not going to act out or really let you know how they feel. They are moving on fast. The Tauruses are going to move onto bigger and better things. Be warned, once you cross them, there is no going back. They forgive but don’t forget.

11. Sagittarius

They get over quickly. They are chill exes. They become little upset, but they heal very fast. Sags are trying to find some better things to do than sitting and mope about their feelings. They are most willing to hook up again.

12. Aries

They don’t even care when their relationship ends. They are conscious that your relationship isn’t working, so they won’t sit and worry about it. When a relationship doesn’t make any sense, they simply just move on. They are most chill exes.