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Cousins Are The Best Friends

Written by Chloe M.

Cousins are the friends we never asked for. But we are connected somehow.

We have to like them. Even if they are weird and strange. Or we just have to pretend.

We understand their weird parents. Because ours are very similar.

You have been together through everything. From your first riding bike to first time you get drunk.

You have so many photos and memories you spent together. Christmas, weddings, holidays.

All families have dramas. And you make thing funny.

They keep all your secrets. They are your keepers.

They will be there if you need someone who just understands.

For the best days of your life, they will be there. Every birthday, every party, every holiday.

They will be the first person you turned to and wouldn’t be afraid to cry in front of.

They will listen after a tough breakup. Or just if you are drunk AF.

They will accept you no matter what and they will help you to become your best.

Your cousin is your best friend if you’re lucky. And no matter what happens, you are always connected.

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Chloe M.