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Breakup Advices That Nobody Told Us

Written by Peggysue


After a breakup, all of us got all types of advice. But there is a lot of advice that nobody told us. Here are several of them:


  1. Feel sorry for yourself



  1. Don’t blame you for everything



  1. You made mistakes, but he made mistakes too



  1. Go out, don’t be alone



  1. Travel, visit new places, meet new people



  1. Don’t block him on everything



  1. Stalk his social media, but in normal way, not like creepy ex



  1. Keep all his things



  1. Don’t burn his pictures or his sweatshirt



  1. Sometimes you need to talk about him, not constantly, but you’re allowed to complain about him



  1. You choose your way how are you going to handle with your breakup



  1. Do whatever you want, go wherever you want

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