Sagittarius are the type of the girlfriends that will never put you down the way they do themselves. They think about others first. Once you gain their trust you, they are loyal forever. They love hard. To show their appreciation they do everything. It is amazing how much they care for others. Once you break through their walls you have a piece of their heart forever.



They come across as super shy. They are a little guarded, but when they let you in, you become the part of their life. Pisces are the one you can trust most. They are the most sensitive and they never mean to hurt you. If they do mess up, they will apologize and make things right. Their relationships are ones in which they don’t fight much because they don’t believe in it.


Natural burn perfectionists are Capricorns. To their relationships, they try their best and give their fullest. In a relationship, they will be dominant. They will defend you to anyone. The ones they love matter them most. It is rare to win their heart.


They are kind and they avoid conflict. When someone hurts them they feel it very deeply. They don’t ask for things they want. Libras will include you in everything. You gotta keep them a long leash and not be the jealous type. They say things they regret when it comes to conflict.


Geminis are fun and outgoing, but they are also dark and negative. They will accept you just the way you are. They value trust and loyalty in others. Rarely, they give second chance. When they’re down they are never showing.


They need independence, but when they commit to you, you will have a loyalty forever. They are over-thinkers so you need patience for them. At your flaws, they look as something to be admired, but at their own as something to hate. It can be a strong relationship if you show them interest to help them through the process of learning to love themselves.


They will do anything for the person they love. Leos are hopeless romantics. In relationships, they got frustrated giving everything they have to someone who doesn’t. They got hurt because of their unrealistic expectations. Almost always they choose the wrong person to love. And they keep running in these circles of choosing wrong people who don’t want to commit.


Cancers make bad relationships because they don’t trust anyone but themselves. But they’d make the best if they don’t push people away. The truth is that relationships are difficult to them. They have ideas of healthy relationships but they don’t find the one. Making decisions is hard to them. They pretend they don’t care.


They just don’t want to be part of relationships. They are happy with their own life. Taurus are known as heart breakers. They have a cold heart and they are independent.


Aries rush quickly into things. They like to control every situation. A Strong personality is what attracts someone to them. Bad temper fades away when someone become close to them, and they become sensitive. When it comes to fighting they are saying words that hurt.


Relationships with them are hard because they think they are not good enough for someone they are interested in. They are insecure and jealous. Being with someone who doesn’t love themselves and makes you feel like they don’t love you either is hard.


They are cold and heartless. Scorpio woman aren’t mean actually, but they don’t hold back. If you mess up once, they are done with you. There is no way to predict them. They don’t fall in love easily. But when it happens you have them forever.