You don’t say no.

If someone asks for a favor you couldn’t say it. Not because you don’t want to. It is because you can’t let them down.

You never say I’m busy.

You don’t want them to feel alone. Even when you’re busy, you don’t want to tell them. You don’t want them to feel like nobody cares about them. You want them to feel like they matter.
You always make yourself available. You want to help them, encourage them, convince them that pain is temporary. You are telling them how strong they are.

You don’t speak up for yourself. 

It is not because you’re scared, it’s because you don’t want people to feel like you’re sensitive.

You don’t get mad.

You are always telling yourself that they are good even if they hurt you.

You forgive easily.

You are saying that forgiveness is free and it restores peace. You don’t want them to feel like they have to do anything extraordinary to be forgiven. You are too soft to some people.

You are always trying to understand things from other people’s perspectives.

We never know what a person is thinking. Things aren’t always what they seem.

You are being taken for granted.

Nobody asks what I think about anything. Because I never say no.

Only when it’s convenient they contact me. But when their lives get better, I get tossed aside.

Nobody asks if you’re okay.

Just because you don’t say anything, you’re okay. You are fine with everything.

I know you’re weak sometimes. I know you can’t handle yourself sometimes.

When you need them you get disinterested replies. Nobody cares enough to listen. They just pretend they are there for you. They are telling you to get over it like it doesn’t matter. But it does.

You’re keeping everything you go through to yourself.

You don’t want them to carry the weight that’s holding you down. You think that’s too much for them because they have their own burdens to carry.

They think you can understand everything. 

I know you’re not superhuman. You can’t stretch your patience and understanding too far. You can’t endure that much.

One sorry fixes the conflict, but it doesn’t fix your heart. Every sorry is a scar that will stay with your whole life.

You’re trying to do what’s right. You are putting people’s need over yours.

You don’t want to abandon people who need you.

But ask yourself who will be there for you? Who will help you? Who will save you from your destruction?

You can’t just fix other people. You have to fix yourself.

Life beats you too. You want to be loved, you want to be told that you matter.

All the things you said to others, you want someone to tell you. You want someone who makes you feel worthy.

You need someone. Someone who cares for you.