The beautifully broken girl fought off heartache to get where she is now. Maybe she isn’t healed fully, but she has love within her.

She loves differently but deeply.

  1. She isn’t afraid to love you. 

She hasn’t turned her back on love completely. She isn’t afraid to have feelings for you. She isn’t afraid to share something with you. She is just afraid that you won’t love her back.

2. She appreciates the little things. 

She is truly grateful when someone pays attention to the little things in life. That show far more care and affections than the staged to her.

3. She knows her worth.

Someone who treated her like she was worthless set the template that’ll never happen again. She knows what she has to offer and she won’t settle for average. She knows how strong she is, so she won’t tolerate your shits.

4. She always cares how you’re feeling.

She is slightly concerned about how you are feeling. She will worry when you’re sad, sick, stressed and she will do her best to help you.

5. She will give you piece by piece of her heart over time.

She won’t give you her heart in whole pieces. She learned to be selective with matters of the heart.

She needs time to trust you. She needs time to realize you care about her.

6. She knows how to fight for you.

She will protect you in any way that she can. She is a warrior and she isn’t afraid to fight for those that she loves. She is ready to fight when it is required because she is battled hardened.

7. She knows extreme happiness.

She knows how to look in your eyes and see beauty and perfection. Because you are perfect to her. Because she loves you. With her whole heart.

The beautifully broken girl loves differently.