Making a relationship last is hard work. You have to maintain an honest flow of communication and you have to cherish your time with your loved one.

Making a relationship last isn’t always fun. But the benefits of maintaining a long-term and committed relationship far outweigh the difficulties that you may face.

A relationship requires work, but it’s incredibly rewarding. It is wonderful to watch the other person grow, starting a family, buying a house, and sharing your life with someone else.

Here are 10 things you need to make a relationship last:

  • Don’t try to plan your relationship.

Relationships are built on being spontaneous and passionate. If you are trying to plan out how it’s going to work, it usually won’t.

  • Make time for each other.

You should make a goal to spend some quality time together. Your special someone should spend some time with you without anyone else around. Talk to each other every day, even if you have a lot of things to do.

  • Forgive and forget.

Everybody makes mistakes. You have to learn to forgive the person you are in a relationship with for their mistakes. You have to forget things you forgive. It is very toxic to hold grudges toward one another.

  • Make a good teammate.

A relationship is a two-way street. Being in a relationship is a two-person job. You have to do things together. You both have to make effort for helping each other.

  • Learn to grow in a relationship.

Grow as a couple by spending time just talking and bonding with each other. You will find out if that person is the one for you.

  • Encourage each other.

Your relationship is a place where you should be completely free to reveal all your insecurities. You and your partner should help each other overcome them.

  • Respect each other’s family and friends.

Be kind to your partner’s family because they mean a lot to them. You are not supposed to like each other’s friends, but you should respect them. Respect the time your partner spend with their friends.

  • Speak your mind.

Don’t hesitate to say what you need to say if you need to talk about something with your partner.

  • Be romantic and affectionate.

Do something to show how much you really care about each other. Little things such as flowers or chocolate mean a lot. You should make effort to make your person happy.

  • Remember to say thank you.

These two simple words can mean a lot to someone. It is a simple way to make someone feel as if they are appreciated.

Your relationship won’t seem like work if you remember how much your person means to you.