10 Things My Mom Taught me

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It truly is a blessing to have your mom around! We take them for granted sometimes, yet their unconditional love is filled with so many important life lessons. Read these, add to the list and remind your mom she is the reason you have grown!

  • It’s okay to make mistakes, make sure you learn from them! 

I’ve made so many mistakes in life and was afraid and ashamed to talk about them. Once I found courage to do so, my mom was always an incredible source of support. She is my problem solver! Yes, she gets upset, but once the storm calm all that is left is unconditional love and one comforting “let’s figure this out.”

  • You’re beautiful, no matter what they say! 

She was always my biggest cheerleader, and in her eyes- I’m the prettiest and the smartest girl alive. This boosted my self-confidence and helped me achieve so much!

  • Love unconditionally! 

If there is such a thing as the purest and simplest way to love someone, she mastered it! She makes it seem so easy to be selfless, and love just for the sake of loving, no big expectations attached.

  • Encourage others to be the best versions of themselves! 

While supporting my crazy decisions, encouraging me to go study abroad and always challenging my comfort zones- she taught me cheering for others and helping them grow makes you happier.

  • Self-respect followed by respecting others is the foundation of all your interactions! 

Don’t ever let anyone disrespect you and don’t ever disrespect yourself.  My mom is the reason I don’t tolerate disrespect from anyone and I always try my best to treat others respectfully.

  • Always have a positive outlook on life! 

Through all the lows in my life, she believed in me. Her optimism and “it’s all going to be okay” got me through so many hard times!

  • Do what makes you happy!

It doesn’t matter how doable it seems. If it’s going to make you happy and if you’re following your dreams- go do it!

  • Happy childhood is so important! 

From acting like my tooth fairy to bringing Santa’s gifts- she always made sure I was growing up happy. A little bit of a fairytale here and there makes your childhood glittery and enchanted. It will always be my happy place and I will always look back to it with a smile. For all you are and for all you’ve done to make this possible- thank you mommy!

  • You set your own limits!

From making sure I know all the monsters are in my head and not under my bed to crushing all the small boxes I forced myself to fit in- she made me realize I am shaping my own life and my story.

  • Run wild and free, you’ll always have a home!

No matter how far off I wander, coming back to her arms always feels like coming home. Your heart will belong to people you love- and that’s okay. Coming back is as exciting as going places.

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