It is time to move on if he won’t commit to you.

The real thing is a fear of commitment. The most people fear it. They don’t know they’re afraid until the opportunity or request.

Plenty of us has been there before. I have been there. I felt like I can’t commit. Even if that relationship was something that I wanted and needed. I made an effort to convince someone to go out on a date with me. I fell in love. We spend happy months together, creating memories and growing together, and then I realize where things are headed.

That scared me. Getting what I wish made me sad. I felt the pain. I didn’t understand. But I get it now.

Like most of you, I love ideas more than reality. I love concepts. I like searching for something better. I’m asking that awful question “What it?”.

What if this person isn’t the right one? What if I miss something better? Something perfect?

As soon as you ask those questions, you will know this: YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH.

We feel like we’re enough until we realize something is missing. You need to be connected to people if you don’t want to feel alone. We are not all ready to make a connection. But, we try our best to make a connection. We create the connection, but then you plan to cut them when something better comes along. What’s the point of keeping and maintaining connections?

We are not ready to commit. He is not ready to commit. You can’t do anything to change his mind. You need to hear it.

I hope you won’t try to convince a man to commit to something that he doesn’t want.

You shouldn’t convince him that you’re valuable. You could give him some time. Or you should move on. But the choice is up to you.

You understand your own worth. You are with him because you choose to be. Because you want to be. Until you choose not to be.