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I Am Worth Something, It Just Took Me Awhile To Realize This

Written by Peggysue

You were my first love, you were the first guy to have my heart, and you first man to break it. It took me years to find my life again, to build my life.


I don’t think I could ever go through that kind of pain again. Literally, you broke me. After you leave me I couldn’t find reasons to live. I couldn’t sleep, eat, go out, or anything else. I was broken. I didn’t want to live.


Your reasons for leaving were ridiculous, and did not help with the process. I gave you everything I had, and you said that it wasn’t enough.


When we met I was only 17. You were older, almost 8 years older. You realized that you can control me, that I will do everything for you. And you were right.


I gave you my life. I was doing what you said me to do. I coudn’t do anything on my own. And I didn’t know how.


I have gone through differnet stages. Sometimes everything what I wanted was you, sometimes I hated you so much. But now I’m fine, I barelly think about you.


I changed my way of thinking. Instead of thinking of all the good times with you, I started thinking about how you could’ve treated me better during the bad.


Now I know that you didn’t know how to love, you used me, and then you just leave.


You gave me new strength from the break-up, and although I will be guarded with my heart from now on, the next man who gets in will be truly deserving of it.


I am worth something, it just took me awhile to realize this.

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