Last night I was thinking about you, me, us. And I realized that you and I will never be friends. Not because I don’t want, because I can’t. It would be so painful and hard.


It hurts my heart even when I think about it. It took me awhile to realize that it would bring me more pain than happiness or pleasure. I can’t have communication with you, because it’s bad for my health, my emotional condition.


Because after everything we have been through, we just can’t be friends.

You were my first love, my first everything. And in time when we were together I tought I will be your wife. Everything was about you.


I had never known anyone as beautiful as you. Everything was about you. There were you loving me. Always being there with me, through good times and bad.


Our love was real. I think that any love story wasn’t like ours. We were young, we were in love, we loved each other. So, so much.

I think that in every love story, after a certain time, comes this but. So even in this story. After a couple years of being long distanced I saw that you wanted more, you wanted something else. And I was right, you wanted to be in an open relathionship.


And I can’t do it. I can’t be your friend. I can’t be on your side.
I don’t want to listen your stories about some other girls.


I don’t want to be there when you fall in love with someone else. I can’t do it. I just can’t. I think it would destroy me. It would broke my heart in million pieces. So, I’m done.


It hurts, beacuse you will always have a special place in my heart. But I can’t be your friend.
And you need to know that I’m still living my life. I’m happy. I’m going on dates. I live my life, without you. You didn’t break me, you just wounded me. But I’m ok. I will be ok.



I miss you. And I think I always will.

I love you, but I love me more. If we keep hanging, I would suffer, and I don’t want to.

I’m done. We can’t be friends.