Most people in their lives have one or more persons who they fully trust, but eventually they get hurt. So do I.


I believed every word you told me, I believed in you, in us. But none of that was real. You especially.


I believed you when you said that I will be your wife and you will be my husband. I believed that you’re my future. Damn, how stupid I was.


But the biggest lie you told me is that you’re never going to leave me. You told me you would die without me. Guess who was a liar.  Guess who is not dead without me.


You are still alive, you didn’t die, but you told me you would. I see now how I was stupid and naive.


You left and I was broken.


I am dead but I’m still living. You killed me, you killed my heart an my soul. You killed everything.


I wish I hadn’t have been so blinded by love, because I lost sight of the real person you were.


You just wanted to manipulate with me, and control me, an you did it. Good for you, bad for me.


Sometime I just can’t believe how stupid I was.


Everyone saw that we are not supposed to be together, that we are different, but I stayed with you. I didn’t listen. I fell for your lies.


I fell for a boy who doesn’t know what love is.


I lose my friends because of you, I lose everything . But the saddest thing is that I lose myself.


You say I was the best thing you ever had, but who leave the best thing that they ever had. That makes no sense.


Now I see that you are cruel, cold and selfish.


But the most important thing is that now I know that I will find someone so much better.


And I wish you a long life, just to see me how I’m doing well without you.