The Struggle Of Life In Your Mid-Twenties

Written by Peggysue

Life is a constant struggle, especially when you are in mid- twenties. You feel like you are alone in the world, and you are dealing with everything and everyone. Most of us are not lucky to feel like a complete person, so here are a few things you may be riminded of.



  1. It’s totally ok to be dissapointed in yourself
    All of us in certain stage of life feel dissapointed in ourself, but that’s not big deal. When you are feeling this way, guess what, that is a sign that you can do better. So don’t panic. Maybe you just believe in bigger things for yourself.



  1. You nee to learn how to use ‘ NO’
    No is very important word, and you’re allowed to use it. Whenever you feel like you don’t want to do something just say no. Don’t do anything you don’t want to. It is your right.


  1. Your social life will be totally ok
    Don’t worry if you sometimes feel alone. Mid-twenties are really tough, but you are going to realize who is your friend, and who is not. So just keep going. You will find someone who suits you.


  1. Everyone makes mistakes
    All of us had made at least one big mistake that they wish they could take You are not perfect, nobody is perfect. So we make mistakes. It’s normal, don’t bother about it.


  1. There is no need for shame
    You don’t have to be embarrassed by job you’re working, or the person you’re dating, or anything else. There is no place for shame. It’s your choice. Don’t bother yourself with unnecessary things.


  1. It’s totally ok to loose some friends
    Some people go, and others come. It’s natural. So don’t worry if some of your friends don’t call you to hang out, or they avoid you. They lose.


  1. You will love again
    If you didn’t find your better half, you still have time. You are in your mid-twenties, don’t panic, it’s totally normal. Someone will come to your life, and you will love again, like never before.


  1. You will be loved again
    Someone there is waiting for you, to give you all their love. You will find each other. You are going to have something real with other human being. It’s never too late for love.


  1. We are all scared
    Nobody really knows what’s coming next. It’s ok to be scared or terrified. Even the most confident people are a little bit unsure. You will be fine.


  1. You don’t need to figure out everything
    The ups and downs are just a natrual part of what keep things interesting. Life would be boring if you figured out all things, so just keep going. The future has plenty of time to fall into place.




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