People who see good in everything usually got their heart broken, or just thought they want to escape from their own skin. They believe in every word you tell them.


The thing is that they are not naive or stupid, they just think that everyone is good as they are. They want to believe everyone, because that is it in their vains.


Even when they got betrayed, they still believe that good is in the people. They choose to see the best in people no matter how many times you let them down.


No matter what, they will always be ready to help you. They would do everything they can without thinking twice about it.


That kind of people choose to believe that the world is a good place, that people are full of goodness. So they don’t easily quit.


They don’t allow others to change them, to change their opinion, or their believings. But the truth is they give up on people who hardly wants to change them, and it’s breaking their heart to walk away.


But the truth is they are not leaving because they didn’t care, they leave because they are tired of trying to convince you to care.


When they realize that they have done everything they possibly can for you, they stop trying.


Somewhere deep inside our hearts we hope that kind of people will find us, and change us, and make us better persons.