Love Relationships

Feelings That We Can’t Explain

Written by Peggysue

We spent wonderful time with that one person who we like, but what we feel we can’t explain it in words. The feeling is just amazing…

Sometimes you feel like they know you better than you know yourself.
They make a decision really quick when you asked them to come to your place. So you know that you are in the first place for them.
They laugh at your jokes, even when they are not funny.
At the right moment in the conversation they slightly touch your knee or shoulder, it’s perfect not too much but…
You always feel safe when they are driving. They are just amazing drivers.
That feeling when they call you by your name. Nobody calls your name on that way, and it’s an amazing feeling.
They smell really, really good, and really clean. And that smell is going through your whole body when you stand close to them.
When they talk to you, they put their phone away. You know that they appreciate your company.
That feeling when they look you in the eyes while talking to you.
They bring you a small gift for no reason, they just know you so well.
When you come home, their smell is still on you, like they are still there
When you talk something, and they just come closer and kiss you.
They buy you something that you wanted to buy for yourself and surprise you.

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