Sometimes I’m moody af. And I know it’s hard to be with me when I have days like that but you handle it well.


I know that sometimes I overeact about the smallest things but I don’t mean anything bad and don’t ever think that some of those stupid things are your fault, unless you screw something bad.


Sometimes, I say things that are very tough and I don’t think all of them and they may hurt you.


I am sorry if any of these things make you think that I love you less because they really shouldn’t.


There are some things from the past that hurt me, and I know we solved it but when I get in my bad mood I just can’t stop thinking about it.


And I know that none of these things are your or mine fault, but even if they are I shouldn’t think about it at all.

But I do  because I care about you and about us and I want us to work out well.


Every person on Earth has these days, and no matter what happens and no matter what I say, I want you to know that I love you and I do all of this because I love you.