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7 Signs That You Are Doing Much Better Than You Thought

Written by Peggysue

Sometimes we think that we are in same place, that we don’t move, we feel like we are stuck in the place.

Here are some signs that you are actually doing much better then you think:


  1. You heart was broken into million pieces, because you felt for the wrong person. That’s ok. That’s life. You will find someone again. There is a more extraordinary love out there that you would never know if it didn’t end it with the last one.


  1. You’re worried about lots of things. Constantly wondering and questioning is a sign of intelligence. So don’t worry, it’s a good thing to keep wondering about irrelevant things.


  1. Your friends are like family to you. Most people are not happy that much to have some friends who are like a family to them. So just keep going, you are doing it well.


  1. You have made mistakes. Who didn’t? As long as you learn from them, they are important.


  1. Some days you’re moody. Everyone have these days. You feel miserable, it’s because of a break up, or losing a job, or life’s just getting you down. Some days life is gonna rough you up a bit, but it will leave you stronger, more appreciative and wiser.


  1. You have changed. So many people never change. Through the years they are the same. But you are changing, and that’s a good thing.


  1. You fail, got rejected, or didn’t get something what you really wanted. Don’t worry and remember, when one door closes another door always opens.

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