She wants you to surprise her, with some old fashioned things, not with some gesture you saw in a movie. Actually she doesn’t need to be serenaded, and she doesn’t need bouquet of a hundred roses, she needs just one, or two roses, just to know that you care. But she never ask for it.

She needs something that is romantic to just the two of you. Suprise her with breakfast, or bring her coffee after she’s been working hard all day. Suprise her with a movie night, and pick a movie that you know she loves more than anything. Let her know that you notice the little things.

She wants you to hug her from behind. She wants you to bring her on the back when her high heels are uncomfortable. She needs you to care about her. She wants you to drag your fingers along her arm, in her hair. She wants to know that you want to touch her as a reflex that just feels right than doing nothing at all.

She never wants to feel like girl that you are embarrassed of. She wants you to say in front of your friends that she is your girl. She wants you to joke with her, or kiss her cheek, to be the exact same way around them as he is around you. She doesn’t want to feel like the girlfriends who has to be dragged around.

At weird, random moments, when no one would expect it she wants you to tell her that you love her. When she is taking of her makeup, with bun on the top of her head, in big sweater, when she thinks that she is not beautiful, she wants you to tell her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She wants to you to hug her tightly, like you are afraid that you will lose her in next moment. Those little thing are important to her.

She doesn’t want to be the thing you remember only when it’s late and you don’t want to sleep alone. She doesn’t want to be the one you come over to pretend to watch a movie with, just so you can spend a few hours in her arms. She wants to be the one you plan ahead for, the one you take a few extra minutes to make things special for.

She wants to get something from you on an ordinary day, chocolate, or flower that you pick up on the way to her home. She wants you to knock on her door with pizza, with no reason, just to make her smile.

She wants to know that she is safe with you. She wants you to be there for her when she feels bad, when she feels alone. She wants happiness. She wants love. She wants you.