10 Obvious Signs That He’s A Good Guy, But Not The Right One

Written by Chloe M.

He’s a good guy, but he is just not the right one for you.


    1. Every time when he tells you how much he likes you, or tells you how much is he happy with you, you feel like you don’t deserve anything like that, and you feel very uncomfortable.
    2. You feel like an asshole when you have seriously considered breaking up with him. Because he’s a good guy. And he is so nice, and he hasn’t done anything to warrant a breakup.
    3. You are doing some things with him just because you feel like you’re supposed to do them. You kiss him, and tell him that you love him.¬†Because he’s a good guy. But you don’t actually feel like you’re going through those emotions with him.
    4. The thought of spending forever with him and the thought of marrying him terrifies you. You are happy with him now, but being his wife doesn’t sound like something you’d ever want to do.
    5. You are feeling better when you’re apart. You don’t look forward seeing him. You never miss him.
    6. Sometimes you think about what it would be like to date someone else. You find yourself daydreaming about some other guys, fantasizing about hooking up with other guys.
    7. Hanging out with him feels more like an obligation. Whenever you are together, you think about all other things you could be doing instead, like watching TV, reading, studying, going out with your friends.
    8. Sometimes you feel him more like a good friend, not like your boyfriends. You don’t feel sparks when you are kissing. You never really act flirtatious.
    9. You have nothing in common. You don’t know what to say, and when you’re apart you don’t text so often. You don’t talk too much. Usually you just end up having sex.
    10. You share more arguments than kisses. You end up fighting over the stupidest things. Because you are so different.


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