Happiness Is a Choice: 30 Things to Be Happy About Right Now!

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I know it seems hard to stop worrying, let go and be happy. You will see people around you living carefree lives with way less than what you have and you probably wonder how. The truth is, it’s all in your head. Your approach to things is what colors your day. You pick the colors. So, if you want to stop having late night thoughts about distant future, take pills for your insomnia, stressing over your day- the real place to start is within you. Some of us might need more help to make it happen than others, but happiness is ultimately just that- a choice. Here are a few things reminding you to be happy RIGHT NOW!

  1. You woke up this morning! That means you got another chance.
  2. You made it this far! You survived everything you previously worried about. Yay!
  3. You found your way to read this list- that makes you wealthier and luckier than many, for so many reasons.
  4. Someone loves you, whether you want to admit it to yourself or not!
  5. You’re not alone in this world- you have friends, family, even complete strangers you can talk to RIGHT NOW.
  6. You’re wiser than you were 2 years ago!
  7. Weekends exist!
  8. Nutella, chocolate, strawberries- food!
  9. You have just enough clean water to survive. Probably even more than that!
  10. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be now.
  11. Sometimes, things don’t happen for a reason. You didn’t “deserve” bad things- they just happen to everyone.
  12. You are literate!
  13. You can feel!
  14. You made memories, good and bad.
  15. You’re more than enough.
  16. We all make mistakes- learn from them!
  17. No one is perfect- you’re not the only one flawed.
  18. Every situation in life is temporary. When it’s good – enjoy, when it’s bad – it will pass.
  19. So many exciting things are ahead, approach them as an adventure!
  20. Music can make you feel better!
  21. Your smile makes someone happy.
  22. Someone, somewhere thinks about you.
  23. Puppies!
  24. You have a place to stay.
  25. There are so many roads you can take!
  26. You will see so many new places and meet so many new people!
  27. Someone feels the same way you feel- and they will survive; just like you will.
  28. Nature is amazing and it can teach you to be thankful!
  29. It’s summer somewhere!
  30. You are ALIVE!

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