5 Things I Wish My Parents Told Me More Often

Written by Karen Clark

When you’re on different ends of any relationship, you experience the world differently, you love differently and you think differently. Although deep down we know you love us unconditionally, here are 5 things your children might want to hear more often;


    1. You’re never a burden

    To you, this thought might come as naturally as the air you breathe. To us, watching you struggle to get food and our clothes and all the things we want creates a whole different image. In our minds, at times; if you didn’t have us it would be easier for you. Although these thoughts might seem silly, reassure us from time to time.

    1. I trust you.

    Hearing this makes us feel more mature, fosters our responsible decision making and makes parenting way easier for you. We often rebel just because you make it seem fun. If you tell us you trust us more often- it won’t be as interesting to sneak out and get in troubles.

    1. I am proud of you!

    Cheer for all our little accomplishments, tell us you’re proud. I know you do a lot to show us you are, but hearing this wouldn’t hurt.

    1. I love you.

    As simple as that. If you express your emotions more often in words, you will be a leading example for us to do the same. This is a skill we’ll need.

    1. I’m here no matter what.

    Little mistakes might look fatal in our worlds. Let your child know you’re there, so they come to you if they fail at something. If you don’t create an atmosphere full of fear but encouragement, we will update you on all the good and bad things we do. Don’t put punishments before understanding.

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