38 Creative Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

38 Creative Ways To Say 'I Love You'
Written by Leslie Blair

There is a three-word phrase that can change the world. It opens the door to another person’s heart and creates a bridge between you two. It has been said so many times, but we are never too tired of saying it and we create music, movies, and books about that special moment when we hear it for the first time because it makes someone the happiest person alive. And now you want to say these magic words to your significant other: I love you. Read on to discover creative ways to say I love you and say it in the most beautiful and unique way.


    Whether it’s your best friend, your loved one, or your soulmate, expressing love is important to them, so read about these creative ways to say I love you. You will find out about the most romantic ways to say I love you to your significant other, and if you are a guy, you will finally learn how to tell her in a creative way that you love her.

    Creative ways to say I love you

    Creative ways to say I love you over text

    1. Say it in a different language

    There is only one love language, but the great thing about the language of love is that it can be translated so that everyone from around the world can understand it.

    Expressing your love in a different language is great if you are too scared to say I love you, so why not say Je t’aime instead.

    2. Send them a love quote

    So many people have written about love that it’s easy to find the best ways to say I love you by using someone else’s words to describe your feelings. It’s a great idea to use a quote from someone the person you want to send it to likes.

    Here is an example you can use: ‘You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known — and even that is an understatement.’ — F. Scott Fitzgerald

    3. Send them lyrics

    The same as in the previous suggestion, you can find the lyrics to a song a person likes and send them to them. Or maybe send them lyrics when you are listening to a song that reminds you of your significant other.

    This is one of the creative ways to say I love you over text. Here is an example you can use: ‘Hello, I love you, won’t you tell me your name? Hello, I love you, let me jump in your game’. The Doors

    4. Tell them why you love them

    How about every morning when you wake up or every night before you go to bed, sending them a reason why you love them. You can say ‘I love the way your smile brightens up my day, I love how your eyes shine when you look at me, I love it how you always understand what I mean or I love that little mole on your back’.

    This will tell them that you notice and appreciate the little things about them. Why not come up with your own creative ways to say I love you over text with the help of these examples

    5. Tell them about something that reminded you of them

    This message is one of the ways to express love that shows your loved one that you are thinking of them at that very moment. Whether it’s ‘I just walked by the corner of the street where we first met and thought of you’ or ‘I just saw a bench in the park near your favorite kind of flowers and was reminded of you so I must take you there sometime’, it’s a great way to express love because it will instantly put a smile on the face of your loved one.

    6. Tell them that you wish they were with you

    If you go out with your friends, your soulmate will be pleasantly surprised if you send something like ‘It’s great in the club, but it would be better if you were here’ because you will show them that you are thinking of them even when you are not together and you are having fun.

    You are also letting them know that you wish they were there with you, which proves that you love them because it just isn’t the same without them.

    7. Remind them of some memory

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s your boyfriend or best friend because you have surely had some great times with both. Why not choose one of those times and remind them of it? It’s one of the best ways to say ‘I love you and appreciate your company’.

    Choose something funny that will make them laugh when they read the message. It will surely get them to think of you and be grateful to have such a fun person in their life.

    8. Try sexting

    A creative way to say I love you to your boyfriend includes dirty talk and sexting to remind him of how much he wants you. Surprise him with a dirty text if you want to spice things up in the bedroom and get him to imagine you doing to him everything that he wants.

    If you don’t know how to start sexting, try a sentence which usually starts like ‘Do you want to know what I am wearing right now?’ and let things go on from there.

    Cute ways to say I love you

    9. Leave little notes all over the house

    Saying the three little words that express true love, whether it is for the first time or the hundredth, is a special task that should be thoughtful.

    That is why there are romantic gestures like leaving little notes all over the house that say in different ways that you love them. There are many ways to express love, and one of the simple ones is leaving notes that will surprise your special someone when they find them.

    10. Make them a playlist

    Making a mix-tape has always been one of the most popular romantic gestures, and it can still be one of the cutest ways to say I love you because now you can make them a playlist.

    Make a list of romantic love songs that remind you of your special someone and give it to them as a present. One of these songs will most likely become ‘your song’, which you will dance to for years to come.

    11. Prepare them their favorite meal

    You don’t have to be a master chef to learn how to prepare their favorite meal and serve it with wine and candles. Of all the cute ways to say I love you, this is one of the most romantic ones.

    Who could resist a romantic candlelit dinner with some relaxing music in the background? And the best part of it is that you actually have to put in the effort into making that happen, which surely won’t go unnoticed.

    12. Make a trail out of rose petals

    How about using one of the old tricks and making a trail out of rose petals that lead to your bedroom? Don’t be afraid to combine cute ways to say I love you and maybe make a trail out of rose petals from the dinner table to the bedroom when you have prepared their favorite meal so they could really look forward to dessert.

    13. Sing them a song

    Do you enjoy karaoke? Then you will adore this unique way to say I love you. Pay attention to what their favorite song is, and learn the lyrics. Then take them to a karaoke bar and surprise them by singing their favorite song.

    This is one of the more creative ways to say I love you that always works. You could maybe even use this chance to say the three little words for the first time and confess true love to them. It’s one of the best romantic ways to tell someone you adore them.

    14. Make them a gift

    Handmade gifts are creative ways to say I love you, so if you are wondering how to tell her you love her in a creative way or are looking for creative ways to say I love you to your boyfriend, this is the right way to go.

    Why not try to make a special frame for a picture of you two together? The effort and talent involved in handmade gifts are both proof that you really care to make your gift special and unique. And don’t worry, there are a lot of tutorials online if you can’t think of anything to make.

    15. Visit your old haunts

    Surely there are places that are in some way significant to your relationship, so why not pay them a visit? Planning a date at the place you first met is one of the cutest ways to say I love you and to remind the person you care about of all the great places that have a special meaning to you. It is one of the most romantic ways to say I love you, and I adore you.

    16. Spoil them a little

    When you want to shower someone with love and show them creative ways to say I love you, you have to spoil them a little. If you are wondering how to express your love, try doing little things for them that mean something to them and surprise them with small gifts and signs of affection.

    Wake them up with the smell of coffee, eggs and bacon and give them the joy of breakfast in bed. Do whatever it is that makes them happy.

    17. Spice things up in the bedroom

    Even though romance is great, sometimes it’s best to choose one of the more creative ways to say I love you that involves sex. Surprise him when he is in the shower or ask him about an unfulfilled fantasy. Wear sexy lingerie or try roleplay. There are many creative ways to say I love you in the bedroom, and he will like these ways the most!

    18. Compliment them

    When you love someone, you want them to feel good in their body and know that they are desirable. So don’t hesitate to compliment them and let them know how beautiful, funny, handsome, and amazing they are!

    The best ways to say I love you are in saying how special they make you feel and what an amazing person they are because it will make them feel loved and appreciated. When you love someone, all you want to do is make them happy, and you achieve this by complimenting them over and over again.

    19. Let them win

    Whatever game you are playing with them, one of the more unique ways to say I love you is by letting them win at every game every time. Because all you really want to do is see them smile and enjoy their success.

    You always want to boost the self-esteem of someone you love, and this is one way of doing it.

    20. Make them your wallpaper

    Use the best picture of you two and make it your wallpaper on your phone. This way, when they ask to borrow your phone, they will be pleasantly surprised to see that you are reminded of them constantly, every time you look at your phone.

    21. Tell them you love them with your body language

    When you are walking together, walk close to them or hold their hand. Hug them when they least expect it and surprise them with a kiss when you are listening to their favorite song. These little things you do will show them that you really love them.

    22. Care about their interests

    If you have a boyfriend who is a sports fan, make some popcorn, grab some beer, and watch the game with him while rooting for his favorite team. Try to show interest in what he cares about, whatever it is.

    It will show him that you really care for him and listen to what he tells you.

    23. Maintain eye contact

    Look deeply into their eyes when you are talking to them, until they notice that you are getting lost in their eyes while imagining you two kissing. Maintaining eye contact is one of the ways to say I love you.

    24. Paint them a picture

    If you want to get really creative, why not test your artistic skills and paint them a picture that has a special message for them, like ‘You have the key to my heart’, on a picture of a key and a lock in the shape of a heart.

    If you are good at painting, this is the perfect present for your partner because they could hang it up and look at it all the time to be reminded of your love.

    Unique ways to say I love you

    25. Make them a coupon book

    Write coupons for all the things you could do for them, like a hug or a kiss. And make sure that they are redeemable anytime and have no expiration date. This is a great gift for your special someone so be sure that they will be happy to use all the coupons you give to them.

    26. Be playful

    Play footsie or start a pillow fight. Being playful shows them you love them, and it is a great way to grow intimacy while having fun at the same time.

    27. Help them with their chores

    Doing their chores could be the greatest way of showing your love and the best one of all the unique ways to say I love you. Take their car and fill the tank or maybe even take it to the car wash. After you have had dinner at their place, offer to wash the dishes or find other ways to help them out.

    28. Use social media to make your love public

    You can always post a love message on Facebook to show to them and the rest of the world that you are deeply in love and not ashamed to show it. They will get a warm feeling once they read the special love message you wrote for them for everyone to see. It’s great to be able to share your love and let other people enjoy it too.

    29. Surprise them with chocolate and roses

    There is a reason why the traditional ways of expressing love have become traditional; it is because they are simply effective. So why not surprise your loved one with chocolate and roses like in the old times?

    This is especially great if you are going to take your girlfriend on a date and have gone to pick her up. Don’t turn up empty-handed.

    30. Play with food

    People who love each other express their love when making food, so why not use chocolate syrup to draw hearts or smiley faces on their pancakes the next time you’re making them?

    You can also arrange food items in special ways; for example, form a heart by using different kinds of food items just to tell them on their dinner plate that you love them.

    31. Give them thoughtful presents

    Pay attention to what your favorite person in the world likes, like their favorite perfume or their favorite brand, and try to give them those items from time to time to show them that you care and listen to them.

    Don’t wait for a special occasion to do this because every day is the right time to tell someone that you love them.

    32. Remember their favorites

    Pay attention to what else they like, like their favorite music, author, TV show, food, celebrity, movie, artist, actor, store… And use that knowledge to surprise them, for example, by recording the latest episode of their favorite show so you can watch it together, reading their favorite book so you can talk to them about it or taking them shopping, to their favorite store.

    33. Go on a vacation

    Kidnap your loved one for a romantic weekend together in the mountains. But if for some reason you are unable to take a vacation at this time, surprise them with a romantic afternoon picnic, go for a walk in the park or watch the sunrise or sunset together.

    34. Make a book about your love

    This is similar to a baby book but in this case, your baby is your relationship, and you are supposed to write about milestones and important steps from your time together. Include all the details about the date and place of your first kiss, how and where you first met, and memorable moments in your relationship.

    Showing them that you remember all those little things and want to document them will be the greatest proof of your love.

    35. Leave a message for them on the ground

    Use sidewalk chalk and leave a message on a path you know that they will be walking on. A fun idea of what to write is ‘I worship the ground you walk on’, and it is certain that it will leave them breathless.

    36. Let them see it in the stars

    Arrange glow-in-the-dark stickers in the shapes of stars and make a love constellation on their bedroom ceiling. This is the most creative thing you could do to express your love, and they will spend their nights looking at the stars of your love on the ceiling, which will constantly remind them of how much you love them.

    37. Give them an award

    There are special fun awards and diplomas that you can give to your special someone to express your love for them in a way which allows them to keep the symbol of your love on the shelf. It will get them to feel like winning you over is an accomplishment worthy of an award.

    38. Leave a present in a cereal box

    Do you know how you sometimes get a little prize in a box of cereal? How about placing a small gift or a love note sealed in a plastic bag inside an open box of cereal or maybe even a wedding ring.

    38 Creative Ways To Say 'I Love You'

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