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10 Creative Ways to Say “I love you”

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You thought about it for so long and realized it’s about time. You know you love them. Now you’re waiting for the right moment to say it, but that can be so hard to find. Yes, you might be overthinking it, but if you want to be creative and can’t just say it casually- that is perfectly fine! Whether you’re saying it for the first time or you are just looking for refreshing ways to express your feelings- Here are some ideas.

  1. Ask them to use their phone to text someone, then set an alarm with a reminder ‘I love you’ and your name at the end.
  1. Buy them their favorite candy bar, write a note that says “I only do this for those I love!” and slip it in their bag/ pocket.
  1. Make their favorite dish and have a bag of personalized fortune cookies that all have the same message and slightly different wording.
  1. Say it with a love song! Cliché but effective.
  1. Write a love letter and have it delivered to their house with a gift.
  1. Say it at their favorite place, whether it’s a mountain, a café, or a restaurant.
  1. Say it on an important date! Their birthday, your birthday, the date you first met- anything memorable.
  1. Get them a book and write a painfully honest dedication! Either in your favorite book- or in their favorite book, this one is my personal favorite.
  1. Say it after not seeing them for a long time- whether it’s a long weekend away or a month spent away.
  1. Most importantly: Say it without words- make them laugh, make a playlist they’d like, make them feel extraordinary and special. It’s more about the things you do than the words themselves!

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