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11 Things Narcissists Will Never Do

11 Things Narcissists Will Never Do

The most difficult people are narcissists. They are difficult to deal with and live with. Narcissists are uncaring, manipulative, selfish, and arrogant. They want something which will benefit them from everyone. Therefore, for the person who lives with the narcissist, narcissism causes tremendous damage.

If you have a narcissist partner or a family member, this life is a rough ride for you. It’s not easy to spot characteristics of a narcissist because they are tricky individuals.

They are capable of manipulating you into thinking “they aren’t like that.” There are few harsh truths and things narcissists will never do for you. No matter how hard you try, they can never change.

11 things narcissists will never do for you or anyone else:

11 Things Narcissists Will Never Do
11 Things Narcissists Will Never Do 5

1. They will never care about your feelings.

It hurts, but not to them. Narcissists would never care, no matter how close you are. They lack every single bit of empathy. It’s fine for them if they abuse you.

Furthermore, they want to ignore you and no matter how much you suffer, they won’t bother. If they have to burn every bridge to win and feel good about themselves, they will because narcissists don’t care.

2. They will never listen.

No matter what you say, narcissists will never listen. They hear your words for sure and they can repeat them. But, they will never listen to what you are saying. Now, you are probably asking why.

Well, it’s because pretty much every conversation gets spun into something involving them. If you start talking about Friday night, they will say that’s nothing compared to their Friday night.

3. Narcissists will never stop playing games.

Narcissists want to be in relationships but only on their terms because narcissists want to have control and power over their partners.

Actually, they want to feel autonomous. They won’t stop playing games anytime soon.

4. They will never bother about your problems.

Your problems are only yours. Narcissists would never bother about your problems. And if you need them for support, just forget it. They will avoid all conversations about your problems, especially if they are involved in the problem.

They will actually blame you as the one who is responsible. Tell them one problem and they will immediately relate it to something similar to theirs, and soon they are talking about themselves as usual.

5. They will never make you feel safe.

11 Things Narcissists Will Never Do 3

The main tactic of narcissists is to make you think you need them. Narcissists do this by instilling a sense of insecurity within you and making you question yourself. Then, you are questioning your family, your friends, and your relationship.

Narcissists are manipulating you and after all, you think you need them. That’s what makes them feel powerful and more secure.

6. They will never tell the truth.

Narcissists recognize one brand of truth only, and that is their own. It doesn’t really matter whether their version of events is utterly contradicted by facts or even a paper trail, they will believe that they are right.

They are sticking to their guns because you are the one who lies.

7. They will never make you feel good.

Narcissists will only do things that make them feel good. They will never do anything which makes you feel good, which makes you happy.

They don’t understand the meaning of reciprocation. And they will only do things which make them happy.

8. Narcissists will never apologize.

Narcissists are never wrong and never make mistakes. They will never take responsibility for their actions or words, so they don’t need to apologize. They didn’t do anything, right?

Actually, they did what they had to do in response to other people’s actions. In any case that they say sorry, it will be to silence you and talk about themselves which is more beneficial.

9. They will never love you.

They might claim to love you but that’s fake. Narcissists only love themselves. Sometimes they express their love, but it’s just to support their stance that they love you.

10. They will never let you go.

11 Things Narcissists Will Never Do
11 Things Narcissists Will Never Do 6

Until you’re replaced. They need you to make them feel good about themselves. And they aren’t going to let you go until they are geared up and found someone new.

Actually, they will keep on engaging—leaving you voicemail and sending you texts—just to try to keep you so they can feel good about themselves.

11. They will never change.

Narcissists will never change their mind. They can never see things from a different side.

It’s very difficult to deal with narcissists and also live with them. It will cost you drainage of your emotion, you will feel angry and depressed. After all, it’s better to live without them than with them.

11 things narcissists will never do

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  1. Leah Smee says:

    They will absolutely NEVER change or accept accountability for their behaviour…So just don’t waste your time and energy trying to even have a conversation with them,, focus on your own self healing…

    • Devin says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
      @Leah Smee, It is so heart wrenching. I love her. I did nothing wrong. I gave her my heart and was there for her.