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11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

Do you ever feel like nobody understands how you’re feeling and sometimes it seems like you just care too much? Perhaps you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP for short) and you’re not aware of it. Do you know what it means?

If you’re one of those special people, it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you. I know this world isn’t treating you right, but keep that smile of yours going. Being a highly sensitive individual is a blessing, you just have to accept it for what it is and take care of yourself.

If you’re still not sure what makes you a highly sensitive person, let’s first cover what being an HSP means!

Who is a highly sensitive person?

DONE! 11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

First of all, think of this as your virtue. It’s one of the most beautiful personality traits people can have and you should be proud that you’re part of a small tribe. I know it’s not easy to deal with everything that life throws at you, but with time you’ll learn to control your emotions.

You’re a highly sensitive person if you actually feel for others (I don’t mean just sympathizing with them). Their pain and problems become yours, whether you’re close to that person or they’re just an acquaintance. And it drains you, completely.

You’re someone who needs alone time to recharge your social batteries. Spending time with your friends is something you absolutely adore, but avoiding crowded places is a must when you’re hanging out. Even though high sensitivity is often associated with introverts, that doesn’t necessarily make you one.

Also, this doesn’t mean that you have to be an empath to be a part of the HSP crew, but every empath definitely fits into this description. So, what are the signs that prove you’re a highly sensitive person in this crazy world?

11 signs you might be a highly sensitive person

Right, now that we’ve cleared up who is a highly sensitive person and what it means, it’s time to go through signs that will make it clear whether or not you’re one of them. If you can relate to most of these, chances are that you belong to the HSP tribe. Are you ready to find out if you’re the chosen one?

1. Injustice upsets you

DONE! 11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

Whenever you see violence or hear about something bad happening to another human being (even animals), your empathy kicks into overdrive. Injustice upsets you so much, you’d do anything in your power just to make it all stop.

It’s really difficult for you to read or listen to bad news. Since you’re an HSP, you can acutely feel other people’s pain and suffering. You’ll try to find ways to help anyone in need, even if that means having to neglect your own needs.

2. Your feelings easily get the best of you

Whether it’s some stressful situation or a crowded place, your feelings easily get the best of you. All of your senses work simultaneously and you lose control over them. Anxiety or panic attacks may rush in to the point where you’re overwhelmed.

Stress like this can often lead to physical problems such as headaches, muscle tension, and even digestive issues.

3. You’re emotionally exhausted

DONE! 11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

Your brain reacts differently to external stimuli; it absorbs everything from your surroundings. That’s why you often feel emotionally and physically exhausted, and you need some alone time to bounce back.

It may take you some time to realize you’re in need of a break, but you’ll surely crave it.

4. Deadlines stress you out

Even reading this subtitle stressed you out, didn’t it? You don’t work very well under pressure, because you’re a detail-oriented person and everything has to be perfect. When you have a short period of time to finish a task, you don’t have enough time for details and that really annoys you.

Therefore, you’re trying to avoid stressful situations and finish important assignments way before the deadline. That way, you’ll avoid making mistakes or agitating other people, and you’ll have enough time for small corrections.

5. Loud noise startles you

DONE! 11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

If you hear a door slamming, or if something breaks suddenly, you may jump a bit from your place. The loud noise startles you, especially if you don’t expect it. Sometimes, you can’t handle fireworks either, even though you know you’ll enjoy their beauty.

You’re easily overwhelmed by loud chattering, so you prefer not to be in crowded places.

6. You’re seeking answers to “big questions”

How was our universe created? Was there really a big bang? Are we alone or there are extraterrestrial beings somewhere out there? Have you ever wondered about those “big questions” about our existence and the world around us?

If you have, and you keep seeking answers, that’s further proof you’re a highly sensitive person.

7. You overthink a lot

DONE! 11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

What can I say about this one that you already don’t know? If you’ve caught yourself multiple times overthinking your own overthinking, you’re an HSP. It’s impossible to shut off that brain of yours, and you simply have to question every decision you make.

8. You’re a natural caretaker

You’re generous and you genuinely take care of everything and everybody. It truly matters to you that the people closest to you are good, and you’ll do anything in your power to help them. You’re always making sure you don’t hurt someone unintentionally, and trying to comfort those who are suffering.

9. You’re a highly intuitive person

DONE! 11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

You can feel the “vibe” of a room as soon as you enter it. There’s no need for a single word to be uttered to know how the people present are feeling at that moment. If it’s positive energy, it will definitely have a good effect on you; otherwise, you may struggle a lot and want to leave as soon as possible.

10. Change is not comfortable for you

Don’t get me wrong, you’re well aware that change is inevitable and you’ll gladly accept it when it comes. However, you’d rather stick to your routine if possible. It’s less stressful and you know what to expect. Nothing will surprise you since you have everything under control.

11. You try to avoid conflict

DONE! 11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

You’re not a fan of conflict, so you’ll always find a way to avoid one. Although it’s inevitable in a healthy relationship, you still don’t like it. Fear that you may hurt the person you’re talking with during a conflict, or that they may hurt you, is leading you in the opposite direction.

Even though being a highly sensitive person is a beautiful trait, sometimes it can be really exhausting. Make sure you treat yourself as someone you love and embrace your sensitivity completely.

11 Signs You May Be A Highly Sensitive Person In A Harsh World

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