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11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

Have you fallen for the most adorable human being and you’re not sure why he’s not flirting back? Was there a moment when you thought he was falling for you, but now he seems distant?

You’ve been spending a lot of time together recently, alone and with mutual friends. He shared a lot of personal details with you, and you just waited for the moment he’d officially ask you out.

But that never happened and now you have no idea what to do.

Do you think he’s trying to friend-zone you, but you’re confused about why? Or maybe your friends are telling you that he’s a player, but deep down you know it’s not true?

Have you considered that you’re the one who friend-zoned him without even knowing? If so, don’t worry, I’ll also give you some tips on how to get him out of there.

Buckle up, girl, you’re about to face an ugly truth about what you did without even knowing.

1. You invite other people to go out with you

DONE! 11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

How many times have you invited someone to go out with you two? Maybe you’re anxious and having your bestie by your side is meant to calm you down, but that’s such a wrong message to send!

When you constantly have a tagalong during your outings, he may assume that you like him only as a friend and he won’t try to go past that boundary you’ve set.

Try to have some more alone time with him and see how things turn out.

2. You don’t sit next to him

When you go out with your group of friends, are you usually sitting away from him so he doesn’t detect something romantic from your side?

If you’re always sitting in the furthest chair from him, this may only signal that you don’t like his company and you don’t want to spend time close to him.

Next time, try sitting side by side with him and use that opportunity to spontaneously touch him. You can thank me later.

3. You talk about the guys you like and your exes

DONE! 11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

Do you feel like he’s the one you can tell everything to? That’s great, but there’s no place to talk about other boys or your exes if you want him to ask you out.

When you mention other guys, he assumes you’re not interested in him romantically and that you just want to be friends. Rather ask him some personal questions and show interest in who he is.

4. You’ve let him into your privacy

Are you changing clothes in front of him like he’s not even there? This sure is a sign that you’re comfortable in his company, but to him, it’s also a sign that you see him as a friend.

Most guys easily fall for girls who leave some things to the imagination. So, be mysterious at least a bit. He really doesn’t have to know what color your underwear is.

5. You keep finding excuses why you two wouldn’t work out

DONE! 11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

When he mentioned similarities you two share, did you start talking about all the differences? Do you keep finding excuses why you two wouldn’t work out because you may be afraid to lose him?

Newsflash: This way, you’ll lose him as a friend too!

If he mentions your shared values the next time you two get the chance to talk, go along with it. Find all those common strengths and weaknesses that could help you build a strong and healthy relationship with him.

6. You’ve asked him about his friend(s)

Did you want to make him jealous by asking him about his friends? Maybe you even tried to set up a date with one of them?

Girl, you’ll lose him!

When you ask about his friends, you’re not going to make him jealous. You’ll fail in that. But you’ll succeed in rejecting him and ruining even the slightest chance you had to start dating him.

7. You made a marriage pact with him

DONE! 11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

You were watching a rom-com together and you saw a couple making a marriage pact and by the end of the film they ended up together. So you thought it would be a hint for him that you want something more if he wants the same.

Wake up sleepyhead, you pushed him away.

If you make that pact with a guy you like, he’ll interpret that you consider him partner material only so neither of you dies alone. Are you going to stay single until you’re gray and old? Tell him how you feel if you’re sure he likes you back!

8. You tried to set him up with one of your friends

Maybe one of your friends really likes him and she asked you to arrange a date for the two of them. And you did it. Well done, you’re a good friend, I can give you credit for that. But what about you?

If you introduce your crush to other girls, not only will he conclude that you don’t like him, but he’ll probably start dating one of your friends. Lovely, isn’t it?

9. You don’t dress up when you go out with him

DONE! 11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

Someone told you that if the guy likes you at your worst edition, he’ll sure as hell like you when you get your glam on. True indeed, but ONLY if that guy already knows where he stands with you.

I’m not saying that you won’t attract a guy if you don’t wear tight and short dresses. I’m not that type of girl either. Still, he has to see that you’ve put some effort into your appearance.

Take some time to make a hairstyle that he’ll compliment or add some jewelry if you don’t wear it often. He’ll notice the difference and you’ll know that the feelings are mutual.

10. You never do what he wants

Did he suggest going bowling because he was really in the mood for it, but you didn’t want to break your nails? Is he a bit distant now? You called him to hang out, but he politely declined.

He wouldn’t take it wrong if this doesn’t happen all the time, darling. Think about all the times you’ve turned down his suggestions to do something he really wanted to. Whether you like it or not, sometimes you have to do things your guy likes in order to show him you care.

So next time (hopefully he’ll reach out), go hiking and bring some coffee for both of you. Prepare some questions to ask him while you’re walking uphill and enjoy his company.

11. “You’re the best friend a girl can ask for!”

DONE! 11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

Excuse my French, but what???

If you thought that this sentence would make him realize that you enjoy spending time with him, you got it all wrong. Of course, having a partner and best friend in one person is pure bliss. But you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere if you told this to a guy you like.

Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but saying that he’s the best friend a girl can ask for will only push him deep into the friend zone. That said, not all is lost – you can easily make him recognize your feelings.

If you’ve made it to the end of this article and you’ve become aware of the mistakes you’ve made, time to play open cards with your crush. Try to send him subtle signs that you like him, use your body language, or leave some cute notes for him. Best of luck in conquering his heart!

11 Brutally Honest Signs You Friend-Zoned Him Without Knowing

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