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10 Things That Make You Unique If You’re An Old Soul

10 Things That Make You Unique If You’re An Old Soul

Old souls truly love differently. They see the world in another way and they have strong respect for love – the real one, that never ends.

They don’t just seek a partner who’ll be there to hug them and kiss them.

Instead, they want a connection and a strong feeling of intimacy because that’s what keeps them going.

Old souls are more mature when it comes to emotions.

Their feelings are strong, and they won’t settle down until they find the one who knows how to love them the right way.

If you’re an old soul who feels misunderstood by others, I want you to know that you’re unique.

You have qualities that are hard to find in today’s modern world.

You love differently, but you also love passionately. And here’s what makes you special.

1. You don’t like the idea of modern-dating

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

Let’s put our phones down and focus on each other – that’s something an old soul would say all the time.

You’re not fond of texting each other the whole day and talking over the phone.

Instead, you would much rather sit in front of each other, look into each other’s eyes, and talk about important things.

You also don’t understand the idea of open relationships or those other new concepts that people talk about.

For you, a relationship is sacred and can’t be achieved with multiple people at the same time.

If someone were to ask you, you would call that cheating because it’s just some new term that people coined only to justify their unfaithful behavior.

2. You see the importance of communication

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

Yes, you’re one of those people who says that communication is the key and you don’t care how clichéd it sounds.

You know that if couples aren’t honest with each other, there’s no way for the relationship to work out.

Old souls love to talk over the slightest disagreements.

As long as they feel that there’s something in the air that keeps bothering them, they won’t keep quiet until they resolve the issue.

There’s no need to hide anything, as sooner or later, those things will pop up and you’ll simply have to discuss them.

3. You see the good in everyone

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

You believe that people are naturally good, and you don’t want to look at them any other way.

Sometimes this comes back to bite you as you give trust to everyone. So, when someone hurts you, you feel mad at yourself for believing in them.

But no matter what, you go back to your old habits and you never let the bad experiences from the past affect how you treat people who have nothing to do with it.

An old soul sees the good in people, even after their heart has been broken numerous times before.

They simply want to believe that the good can overcome the bad, so they choose to see the positive.

4. You don’t care about materialistic things

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

Expensive dinners, fancy dresses, and fast cars don’t mean anything to you.

You would rather be lying on a blanket, watching the stars together, than get the most expensive gift money can buy.

Because what’s left after you run out of money?

It’s not expensive dates or shopping sprees. Instead, it’s love and all those memories shared together.

Mutual feelings are the only thing that should keep you together, and not money or materialistic things that lose value over time.

Love stays and fights everything!

5. You don’t throw around those three little words

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

To you, love is something serious. You would never tell someone that you love them if you truly don’t feel that way, because what’s the point?

You don’t want to use those words only to get something that you want. If that were the case with everyone, then what would this world look like?

If we were supposed to use, “I love you,” as a way of getting things to go our way, then we’d all be messed up.

Old souls know that, and they don’t play around with these words. They use them only when they’re completely sure of their feelings.

The world would be a better place if everyone thought like that.

6. You think that living together is reserved for married couples only

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

Let’s be honest – an old soul is one of the rare ones who think like this. They can call you old-fashioned, but that won’t change your opinion.

You don’t think that people see the real value in living together. It’s made for married couples who decided to take the next step in their relationship.

Because of your attitude, some guys might run away from you as soon as you tell them this, but maybe it’s better like that. At least you know that they aren’t right for you.

7. You believe that commitment is an important part of a relationship

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

It’s not only that you care about love and finding the right one for you.

It’s also about being committed to that person, no matter what life brings upon you.

You don’t care about having options because once you find a real man, you’re determined to be committed to him.

No playing games, lying to your partner, or cheating on them – that’s now how you roll.

You could never hurt someone for your selfish egoistic ideas, and there’s no chance that you would change your opinion.

8. You have your rules when it comes to dating and you don’t want to change them for anyone

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

You know what you want and you look for it. Maybe the bar is set too high but you have no intention of lowering it.

You believe that love is about finding someone who suits you in all the right ways.

It’s about overcoming disagreements and working together to create your future together.

If someone’s not okay with that, they can leave because they certainly aren’t your type.

9. You appreciate the little things because you believe that love is measured by them

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

Love is about that, ‘Did you get home safely?‘ text message. It’s about the, ‘Put something warm on. It’s cold outside,’ sentence.

Love should never be measured by anything more than those little things that mean so much.

Late-night conversations, when your body is tired but your soul is fully awake and carefully listening to every word your partner has to say – that’s love.

It always has been and it always should be.

Those who want to change the idea of love should know that it begins with something little – a gaze, a tiny smile, or a simple joke that makes you feel, “Oh, I like this guy.”

For the old souls – love is always in the little things.

10. You love truly, madly, deeply

DONE! 10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

When it comes to love, old souls don’t know how to pump the brakes. When they love, they love completely, without limitations.

They don’t know how to press pause because they truly believe that love is about fully giving yourself to someone.

It’s about letting them hold you in their arms and trusting them that they won’t hurt you.

If an old soul falls in love with you, know that you have power, but don’t ever use it against them because you’ll lose one of the kindest, most special people from your life.

If you found yourself in these words, and thought about how you have been struggling your whole life to find a decent guy who’ll understand where you’re coming from – don’t worry.

It only means that you still haven’t found the right one.

And when the time comes, someone will see how unique you are and they won’t ever let go of you.

It only takes one right step, and you’ll find yourself everything you’ve always been looking for.

10 Things That Make You Unique If You're An Old Soul

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