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10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

Is he ready to settle down? Just look for these signs that he wants to!

1. He puts you first

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

You are a priority to him, and your needs come first. He wants to meet all of your needs because your happiness means even more to him than his own.

When a man puts you ahead of himself, it’s one of the signs he wants to settle down, and you should know that it’s a major one.

Men don’t prioritize women they don’t genuinely care about but how can you know for sure whether you are a priority to him?

It’s just something you know, so if you’re not sure about it, maybe he isn’t putting you first.

You know when your man prioritizes his friends or his work, and the same way, you know when he prioritizes you.

If you always come first, you don’t have to wonder if he is ready to settle down. You are the most important person in his life, and he would do anything to make you happy.

2. He consults you before making decisions and plans

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

Is he ready to settle down? Well, does he make plans and decisions without you and tell you about them only afterward?

If so, he isn’t ready.

However, if he wants to hear your opinions and takes them into consideration before making them, it’s one of the signs he wants to settle down.

When making plans and decisions, he always considers your needs because he knows they affect you too.

You should also know that this doesn’t apply only to major life choices, such as quitting his job or moving to another city.

He talks to you about smaller things as well, such as getting a pet or decorating his place.

3. He wants to be a part of your family, and for you to be a part of his

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

It’s not just that he wants to meet your family, and for you to meet his, but he wants the two families to meet each other and get along.

One of the signs he wants to settle down is when you have already become a part of his family, and he has become a part of yours.

You haven’t only met each other’s family, but actually gotten to know them really well.

Maybe you give dating advice to his younger sister, or he goes fishing with your father.

Even if you don’t do these things yet, he wants them to happen soon.

He is bringing you into his world, making you an important part of it, and he wants you to do the same.

No man would ever let you get so close to his family, let alone get close to yours, if he didn’t have serious intentions.

4. He wants to move things forward

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

If you want to know if he is ready to settle down, just notice how he talks about your relationship. 

Is he saying that things are fine the way they are and he doesn’t want to change anything?

If so, then he probably isn’t ready.

On the other hand, if he is willing to take the next step and wants to see the relationship evolve, it’s one of the signs he’s ready to settle down.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that he wants to go and get married as soon as possible but if you’re considering living together, or even just getting a pet together, it’s a very good sign.

The important thing is that he isn’t telling you that he’s happy just with how things are right now and that he doesn’t want to rush things, especially if you’ve been together for a while.

5. He likes planning the future with you

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

If he talks about the future with you, that’s a great sign.

Of course, what I mean is when he talks about the things that are probably going to happen, not just random things such as saying you should go to Paris together.

The things I’m talking about are when he’s not afraid to talk about marriage, children, or at least living together.

If he wants these things with you, he will enjoy planning them with you too.

Maybe you won’t talk about when you’re going to get married or come up with names for your kids right away, but you will talk about these things.

For instance, he could ask you where the two of you will live one day or how you would raise your children.

He will approach these topics seriously, and he’ll care a lot about what you’re going to say on the matter.

6. He wants to make it work

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

His main goal is to make the relationship work, which is why he doesn’t just walk away from a fight when you argue.

Instead, he wants to find a solution to the problem and make things better.

He doesn’t just scream and yell because he knows that it only makes things worse. Instead, he wants the two of you to calm down and really talk about the problem.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have arguments; it’s just that those arguments never include the word ‘break’up’.

Even when you fight, you both know that you’ll work on patching things up, not letting the fight get too heated.

When there are problems, he doesn’t run from them. You know that he would fight for you and that he’ll be there during the tough times.

If he has done something wrong, he will always apologize, because your love means much more to him than his pride.

7. You talk about money

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

When you’re planning your future together, you have to have the talk about money too.

Do you know how much money he makes? Does he know how much money you make?

If he’s ready to settle down, you’ll share this information with each other, but not only that.

You will talk about the kind of lifestyle you’ll be able to have once you combine your incomes. 

You’ll talk about saving money, investing money, putting away money for retirement, and maybe even about the college funds you’ll one day have for your kids.

A man who wants to settle down will be ready to discuss finances with you because this is an important part of the two of you becoming a family that you just can’t avoid.

8. He’s done with the single lifestyle

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

He has dated different women, partied with his buddies, had his wild lifestyle… and now he’s done with it.

Now, he would rather stay in with the woman he loves and cuddle while watching Netflix than go out and get drunk with the guys.

He has no desire to meet new women or spend his nights partying and drinking with his friends.

His wild lifestyle has stayed behind him, and he wants to keep it that way.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that he won’t ever go out or hang out with his friends, it’s just that that’s now at the bottom of his list of priorities.

In fact, most of the time, he would rather spend time with you.

He just doesn’t have the need to get crazy on a Friday night when he can simply chill with his girl at home.

9. He can be himself around you

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

When he’s with you, he’s simply who he is.

He doesn’t wear a mask or put on a facade because he wants you to get to know the real him, so your man opens up to you, trusts you completely, and confides in you.

You get to see the sides of him that he keeps hidden from everyone else. 

Do you know him better than anyone? Does he feel free to be himself when he’s with you?

Those are the signs he wants to settle down. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t let you see the real him.

The reason he wants you to get to know the real him is that he plans to spend a lot more time with you and possibly have a future together.

When people don’t show their real face, their mask is bound to come off eventually, and there’s no need to worry about that if you don’t plan to stick around.

However, if you want to be with someone for a long time, and maybe even spend the rest of your life with them, you have to be yourself when you’re with them.

10. It just feels that way

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

Is he ready to settle down? I think that you already know the answer.

The clearest one of all the signs he wants to settle down is when you somehow know that it’s true.

Everything simply feels right with him, you feel safe, and you know that he would never leave you.

You feel loved, and you know how much he cares about you because he shows you that every day, with small signs of affection.

There’s no fear that he will one day just walk away, and you know that you can relax in your relationship and simply enjoy being loved.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you know that you’re with the right man, and if that’s how you feel, you can be sure that he wants to settle down.

10 Signs He’s Ready To Settle Down

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