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10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than “I Love You”

We all love hearing those three magical words. They bring warmth to our hearts and give us the feels in all the right ways.

They bring us so much happiness to the point we could listen to those words every day and never get bored of them.

“I love you.” It’s heart-melting, and when it’s said by the person you love, your whole body buzzes with electricity.

This phrase brings two hearts closer. It opens the doors and creates a connection between them that you never want to ruin.

But do you know that there are different things you can say to your partner that mean even more than “I love you”? If they were to compete, “I love you” would be close to the bottom as these phrases radiate love in its fullness.

When you hear them, you’ll totally get what I’m talking about.

1. I’m here for you

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

It’s easy to love someone through happiness and good times.

But to love them when things get hard and when life gets in the way, that’s what tests the power of your love.

You come home busy from work, broken from the burden of the day, and your loved one meets you at the door, instantly aware of how you’re feeling.

He pulls you into his arms and tells you, “Shh, don’t worry. I’m here for you!”

At that moment, you leave the weight of the day at the door and step inside feeling happy that you don’t have to go through life all alone.

2. I trust you

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

It’s a well-known fact that no relationship can succeed without trust.

When you get to that stage when you truly trust your partner, you enter a whole other level in a relationship.

So, when you tell your loved one “I trust you,” it means that you can imagine your future together.

You know that you can share every single detail with them and they will never judge you or play with your feelings.

“I trust you” means “I’m letting you in and giving you my heart because I know that you won’t hurt it.”

And if that isn’t deeper and more meaningful than “I love you” then I don’t know what is.

3. I wouldn’t change a thing about you

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

Fake, short-term relationships are about finding someone, having fun with them, but letting them go once you start seeing their flaws.

A real relationship is about finding that person who suits you perfectly and knowing that they’re far from being flawless.

It’s about seeing their imperfections and embracing each and every one of them.

It’s about hearing “I would never change anything about you” and truly knowing that the person saying it is honest.

4. I believe in you

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

Is there anything better than to have support in everything you do? To have someone who believes in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself?

This phrase is full of hidden feelings and means more than “I love you.”

When someone believes in you, it’s as if you’ve been given wings and you’re ready to fly wherever you want.

And someone down there will always be cheering for you.

5. Text me when you get there

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

“I care about you and I want to be sure that you’ve arrived safely and that everything’s alright.” That’s what the person is actually saying.

Combined with “drive safely” and “someone loves you,” this phrase is full of emotions as the person genuinely cares about your safety and well-being all the time.

6. How are you feeling?

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

When life gets busy, the only thing you need is a person who’ll be there for you and who’ll want to know what’s going on in your mind.

It’s nice when you hear someone tell you that they love you.

But it’s even better when that person sincerely asks you, “How are you feeling?” and actually listens to your response.

It’s a sign that their words are honest and their feelings real. They could probably listen to you for days if that would make you feel better.

And they’d do everything just to see a smile on your face.

7. You look beautiful

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

You may think that this one is superficial and has nothing to do with true feelings and emotions.

The truth is that everyone can tell you this, even a complete stranger who walks past you on the street.

But when you see him stop for a second, recollect himself, stare deeply into your eyes, and tell you “Wow, you look beautiful” – that’s when your world twists and turns because he’s not just using his words to get something.

8. I’ve got your back, no matter what

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

Unconditional love includes unconditional support. “I’ve got your back” is the foundation of that support.

It makes you feel safe and secure.

No matter what happens, you can always trust the person because you know that they’d never leave you to fend for yourself.

Your happiness and success are as important to them as their own, so they’ll back you come hell or high water.

9. What do you think?

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

It may be unconventional, but when the person you love asks you this, it means that they care about your opinion.

They want to take it into consideration before making a decision.

And you already know that we never ask for the opinion of those we don’t care about.

They don’t play an important role in our lives, so we don’t bother about what they think.

But you mean even more to him than you know if he sits in front of you and asks you “What do you think about it?”

You’re not only a part of his heart anymore, you’re now a part of his life.

10. Everything’s going to be fine

DONE! 10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than I Love You

When life pushes you to the edge, all you need is someone to make you feel like things will get better.

You need someone to be your rock in the darkest of days and stormiest of nights.

And when you meet the one who hugs you tightly and tells you that everything is going to be fine, you know that you’ve found your special one.

You’re sure that they’ll always be right next to you, come what may.

When you find the one who makes you feel all of the right emotions, says all the right things, and holds you in his arms like you’re the only girl in his world, you know you’ve found your home.

10 Love-Filled Phrases That Mean More Than "I Love You"

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