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10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

Today’s dating scene makes it quite hard to make a woman go crazy for you.

But you don’t need magic potions or manipulation techniques to make her notice you and choose you.

There is a list of simple little things you can do to win her heart and when you think about it, it’s actually easy.

To win a girl over, you don’t have to have huge amounts of money, nor be a celebrity.

To win a girl’s heart, you just need to do little things, because we notice everything that a guy does.

1. Actually listen to her

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

I know, the bar is set so low. If you want me to be brutally honest, this is what women fall for the most.

We fall for someone who actually listens to what we have to say and doesn’t talk over us.

A woman doesn’t want a man to look at her and objectify her instead of listening to what she has to say.

Show with your body language that you’re listening, lean into her a little bit, and ask questions appropriate to the conversation.

You become even more attractive if, in any future conversation, you bring up a little detail that she told you before.

She will know that you really listen to her and hang on to every word she says. It’ll make her go crazy for you!

2. Be nice to the people around you

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

Believe me when I tell you that nice guys DO NOT finish last. Nice guys are the ones whom women go crazy for.

It’s extremely attractive to see a man be polite to the people around him, especially our elders and waiters.

When we see a man who acts nice toward restaurant staff and old folks, it’s just a small thing that makes us very happy.

So in order to make a girl go crazy for you, treat her and the people around you kindly.

She will know then that you will treat her well.

3. Show her that chivalry isn’t dead

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

Yes, women are strong and independent creatures, but we all like to be spoiled.

If your true intention is to make a woman go head over heels for you, make sure to be chivalrous.

Give her your jacket when she’s cold and open the door for her.

I know that these seem like minuscule tasks to you, but they will show her that you are serious about her and that you can take care of her.

Chivalry isn’t dead and she will appreciate you showing her that she means so much to you that you will do these things for her.

4. Be confident, but not stuck-up

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

It’s always about the middle ground. Show her that you are confident in yourself and the decisions you make.

Make sure to tell her about all the things you’re proud of in your life, like your job, education, or the bonds you have with your friends.

Being stuck-up will just push her away from you. Don’t overdo it and don’t look down on anything she does.

Being confident and stuck-up are two completely different things.

Make sure to show that you’re one who accepts everyone but at the same time, someone who is confident in the things he does.

You can work on your confidence with your body language as well. That can help you get your message across even without spoken words.

5. Compliment her

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

This goes without saying, but even if you do compliment her, please don’t overdo it. You’ll just seem like a creep.

Instead, make sure to point out the things that she seems to be very confident about. For example, if she smells nice, make sure to tell her.

If you see that she’s put a lot of thought and effort into something, don’t just dismiss it. Make sure to compliment her appropriately.

This will show her that you actually pay attention to her and that her efforts aren’t in vain.

If there is nothing that you can think of at the time, don’t force it. We know when a guy is faking a compliment and when he’s being genuine about what he says.

6. Be a little mysterious

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

This is a preferential thing, but a huge number of women fall for mysterious men.

Why? Well, it makes you seem unapproachable and we love the chase just as much as you do.

Be mysterious in a way that makes us want to learn more from you. Be mysterious in a playful way.

If a girl asks you your name, say something like, “Not until I hear yours first.”

If you’re in a group of friends with her, occasionally stay home and don’t tell anyone why you won’t be hanging out with them at that time, so that she will question why you’re not there.

It will make her go crazy not knowing where you are. Of course, don’t directly show that you’re playing hard to get.

Communication is very important and when you get a chance to talk to her, don’t intentionally play hard to get.

7. Be independent

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

Being independent doesn’t just mean financially, although that is a huge advantage.

Be independent in the sense that you stick to your own goals and morals, no matter how much the people around you try to influence you.

Being independent means that you won’t depend on her to make decisions for you and that you won’t need her to do things for you.

Today, this is very important. A woman, just like a man, likes to be her own person.

So try to become independent and show her that you are more than able to take care of yourself.

8. Make her laugh

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

This is the oldest trick in the book, but it’s there because it works!

Making a girl laugh will show her that you are a fun person to be around and she will associate you with a good time.

Make her laugh as often as you can, but make sure to not crack jokes about her.

That can easily backfire and you don’t know if she’s open to joking about herself.

Tell a funny story or joke with other people around you, so she can watch from the sidelines how you’re actually an extremely amusing person.

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9. Put effort into your appearance

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

No one is telling you to change anything about yourself in order to please a woman, no.

But it’s a fact that women are more attracted to men who take care of their appearance.

There is just something attractive about men who take care of themselves and know how to dress.

Whether it’s that you have a nice haircut that you take care of, that your outfit is clean and ironed or that you smell nice.

Just take care of your appearance and you will make any girl go crazy for you!

10. Reveal your vulnerable side

DONE! 10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

You might not feel comfortable showing a softer side of yourself, so you end up looking emotionless.

Men are taught that they should be tough and never show their emotions.

I know that not every woman likes a man who’s too emotional, but we for sure love to know that you’re human too.

We love to see a man show us his softer side, whether it’s by showing us pictures of his pet or expressing sadness.

It’s never about something huge, but the little things that show us you’re not afraid to be vulnerable.

Women go crazy for honest men who don’t try to pretend they’re something they’re not. So be authentic and show her who you truly are.

10 Little Things That Will Make Her Go Crazy For You

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